Yu Aoi’s The First and Last Time of Love Talk for MEKURU

August 8, 2015 — 3 Comments

For the latest volume of MEKURU Magazine [Facebook][Official Website], they are holding a special on Yu Aoi who will be turning 30! I’m not sure what’s gonna be in there (Japanese being rusty and all), but there’s gonna be an interview and (maybe?) photos by Kawashima Kotori (川島小鳥) [Portfolio], who apparently is an Ihei Kimura (木村伊兵) awarded photographer for his book Star (明星) [Amazon JP].

It’s titled Aoi Yu, Saisho de Saigo ni Ren’ai o Kataru (蒼井優、最初で最後に恋愛を語る) — you’ll have to forgive my des and nis translations.


They’re totally selling it like a direct sequel to Travel Sand. xD

There will also be a poem by Shuntaro Kanikawa (谷川俊太郎) titled Aoi Yu (あおいゆう). Among other stuff I can’t make out, it’ll include 128 pages and will be listed at Y907 Yen. It’s available on Amazon JP and HMV JP.

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3 responses to Yu Aoi’s The First and Last Time of Love Talk for MEKURU

  1. Greetings from Thailand!!
    After watching Dr.Rintaro,I’ve become a fan of Yu. I’ve been surfing the net for news of Yu lately. However, I don’t know any Japanese and Google translate can only give me confusing translation so I don’t really get to understand much. Yoir blog is the best source of info about Yu that I can find.
    It would be a kind of you if you please update about all the smoking and devil things on the news. I badly want to understand what she did😭😭.

    • I don’t know much Japanese either (haven’t been following for a while). Plus, gossip is much harder because they use slang xD sorry can’t help with that… but anything on Yu’s tv and film work, you’ll probably get it here :)

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