So Many Aoi Yu Updates~

August 28, 2017 — Leave a comment

I just didn’t want to spam you, even though I have been spamming y’all with Mamamoo continuous posts x’D

First, Tokyo Ghouls came out, I don’t think it made such a big splash as Rurouni Kenshin did [at the Box Office] and Yu-chan’s role is tiny [the Variety review spoils the role and movie, but does mention Yu hasn’t aged since 2006 xD].

The trailer for Birds Without Names [aka. and shortened to “kanotori”], it comes out on Oct.28., which is a week after the release of Mix., which also released its trailer and Yu-chan is hilarious.

Over the Fence and Japanese Girls Never Die came out on DVD/BR sometime in Mar and June. Subtitles may be scarce xD I’m not aware of HK editions with subtitles. I may be trying to catch Over the Fence without subs for all time’s sake. LOL

Yu-chan has also been on TV lately. She was in the recent special for We’re Millennials Got a Problem SP (ゆとりですがなにか 純米吟醸純情編), which will be coming out on DVD/BR in November (late) alongside What a Wonderful Family 2. I’m still debating whether I should watch the show~ She’s also currently on TBS’ drama Hello, Detective Hedgehog (ハロー張りネズミ) with Eita :)

AND~ on top of that, she’s been doing commercials lately for Sanko Seika (三幸製菓‏) [Twitter], for which she started doing ads in February, beginning with the Yuki no Yado (雪の宿) rice crackers covered with Hokkaido cream [CM Making][1][2], reminding us how good she looks with her hair pulled up in a bun and round glasses frames. Then there was the Cheese Almond crackers [CM Making][1]; and the third one was released in late July for Parinko (ぱりんこ) crackers, which is the cutest one [CM Making][1].

AND!!!! Last but not least~ Yu-chan turned 32. Freaking 32~ I ‘met’ Yu-chan back in 2008. It’s almost been a decade. It’s been an interesting journey. Though sometimes frustrating, it’s always been fun. I look forward to another decade of Yu-chan working.

The Kanotori team shared this photo of Yu-chan and her bday cake :)

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