Gianmarco – Entre la Arena y la Luna Lyrics Translation

May 11, 2012 — 1 Comment

I thought that I would practice my Spanish to English translation skills by translating some songs — I’ve recently done partial translations of Marc Anthony [1], as well as Shakira and Gianmarco when I talked about What Were Good Lyrics. I’ve also done full translations for Polvos Azules: A Cinephile’s Paradise, and random songs of Los Nosequien y los Nosecuantos [1][2].

So I thought I would pick an oldie, the 1995 Gianmarco release — some say it’s a 1994 release, but my copy has a 1995 print — of Entre la Arena y la Luna (Between the Sand and the Moon). Obviously, I can’t post ALL lyrics on one go, so I’ll probably add them as I work on them. Gianmarco’s lyrics weren’t as complicated then — and they’re pretty short — so they should be fairly easy to translate.

– edit May 14 –

Lyrics are done!

  1. No Puedo Amarte
  2. Gorrión
  3. Quédate
  4. Dónde Estarás [added May 13]
  5. La Noche en mi Sangre [added May 13]
  6. Parte de Este Juego [added May 13]
  7. Cuando Quiero Amarte [added May 14]
  8. Corazón de Cartón [added May 14]
  9. Tómate el Tiempo que Quieras [added May 14]
  10. Ya Tienes Dueño [added May 14]

No Puedo Amarte (I Can’t Love You)

Something is happening to me since I saw you,
the only thing I ever do is write without reason.
You talk a little about everything when you’re with me,
and any topic is entertaining if you’re here.
Tell me, tell me about everything and without measure,
I want to discover you each and every day, each and every day.
And I try to figure out what I’m feeling,
deciphering your gestures while you’re talking and laughing.

I can’t, I can’t want you even if I’d die,
I need to think even if I don’t want to.
I can’t love you, I can’t love you… not right now. 2x

Gorrión (Sparrow)

Note: This song was used in the Telenovela Gorrion, so the Sparrow which the song is referring to might be referring to the character in the telenovela.

She carries in her soul the freedom
of those who feel
that to achieve happiness,
luck is not enough.
She knows that the fire in her heart
is what stirs up
her passion for life, without caring
what others will think.

And she fights to fill with light
the shadows of pain
that cast shadows on the sidewalk
where she walks in search
of dawn. Fire and peacefullness
which they call Sparrow.

She dreams of being an autumn leaf
riding on the winds
pursuing dreams and promises
that time takes away.
She crosses the frontiers of silence
with an eternal song
that declares freedom for the Sparrow
that’s inside her.

Chorus 3x

Quédate (Stay)

You look at the clock,
I sense you’re uneasy and worried-
Look at me, honey,
forget about the morning,
whether the sky changes color,
I get high from your insides,
which capture me.

Love me,
the shadow is beneath the pillow of the balcony,
a cat scratches the window,
time is nothing, and I only
want to see you in my bed sheets,
I don’t want you to go.

Stay, there must be another way.
Stay, come and cuddle in my life.
Stay, that the bed sheets are warm,
I don’t want you to go just yet.
Stay, without your kisses I am nothing.
Stay, on the corner of the bed.
Stay, you punish me with the pillow,
with your neatly painted lips,
your kisses are like jam.

You mark with your teeth the words from my mouth,
and despite the time, you still blush,
and the ambiance explodes with a scent of you, a scent of the beach,
I don’t want you to go!


Let’s talk before it all ends,
when you cross that door, I’ll erase all the love.
Give me a little more time until you forget me,
I need more of you, I need more of you…



Dónde Estarás (Where Will You Be)

We try to hide yesterday’s smile,
we try to escape from the kisses and the playtime.
Maybe I won’t see you ever again, summer’s gone,
the sun was our witness, and now I’m only just your friend.

You at home, and me at mine, telepathic love.
Together through the distance, your fragrance in my hands.
Strands of your hair are tangled between my lips,
if I think of you is comfort, if I see you is a miracle.

Where will you be?
I keep waiting for you in the ocean,
I keep saving a place for you
and I don’t see you getting here.

The sidewalks of my street have your name engraved,
and the piano’s notes are left as memories.
A letter with a kiss is left on the desk,
if I miss you, I don’t think of you,
if I see you, I don’t hide.


Chorus [Fade Out]

La Noche en mi Sangre (The Night in my Blood)

is what I want less
in my life no more.

It’s enough
of telling people
what’s happening in my life, in my dreams, and personality.
I have no quirks,
I want to be just like everyone else.
Fame isn’t everything,
it’s more beautiful if life, if life is natural, yeah.

An interview or two concerts,
it’s been two weeks since I last saw my mom.
Let your hair grow a bit more,
otherwise girls won’t scream.

Stand this way, stand that way-
what happens to what I want.
Answer to only what you have to answer,
I don’t like photographs, I just want-
I want to take my life,
I want to keep my dreams,
I want the light in my eyes,
I have the night in my blood.

I’m not an idol made of mud,
I don’t sing to love to achieve.
Though at six I’m tired,
sometimes I also want to cry.

Chorus 2x

I want to take my life,
I want to keep my dreams,
I want the light in my eyes,
I have the night in my blood.


Parte de Este Juego (Part of This Game)

I don’t know if something’s going wrong, something
you and me, it’s not the same,
and I want to know what’s happening to us,
whether you love me like you used to.

I have in my head, doubts, phrases,
that you told me in the darkness, eyes the color of ocean blue
that at night kept me cold.

Don’t hide, I want to see your face well,
don’t go because I will go right behind you.
It doesn’t matter if you tell me you don’t love me,
I just want to demand everything I did for you.

May things go well for you without me,
if I see you, I don’t recognize you.
It’s not easy,
but it’s part of this game.
The phone never rang again,
she never crossed my street again,
it’s not easy being part of your game.

Keep my love, keep it
and put it anywhere you’d like.
It only burns in my head
your thoughts that keep blazing.



Cuando Quiero Amarte (When I Want to Love You)

Grant me the light that you have within,
grant me that laughter that’s in your soul,
so many words that I’d like to say,
truths as clear as water…

Each and every time, your lips brush mine,
there’s nothing that I’m missing, I’m happy with myself.
Minute by minute, I begin feeling like a child,
you play in my park and I want to embrace you…

I go insane when I want to love you…
walking by your sidewalk,
I just burn in your bonfire.
I go insane when I want to love you,
when you take off your clothes,
my shirt is already torn.



Corazón de Cartón (Cardboard Heart)

I have my gaze on the ceiling,
I have a cardboard heart,
your name tattooed  across the chest,
but I feel your love is faraway.

Let me feel your presence,
there’s no patience in my heart,
I only keep within me the memory
of the magic of your passion.

I still remember your hair on my back,
and your enchanting way of just being,
but now I’m punished by your absence,
tell me when you’re coming back.

I have my gaze on the ceiling,
I have a cardboard heart,
you’ve left me stranded in a dream,
you’ve left me stranded without compassion.


I have a cardboard heart,
I have a cardboard heart,
I don’t know whether is illusion or passion,
don’t leave me like this,
I don’t want to die without your love




I have a cardboard heart,
I have a cardboard heart…

Tómate el Tiempo que Quieras (Take the Time that You’d Like)

You hide in your gaze
tears that no one saw,
without meaning it, words are scarce.
You feel disappointed,
you don’t believe that love
forms part of your enchanting soul.
And between laughter and friends you find it,
and you feel farther than closer,
someday you’ll have another love.

A thousand letters in the closet,
got burned with the sun,
and there’s an enormous hole in your soul.
You have no idea how to fill it,
you search for warm hands,
and flying, you find no comfort.

Oftentimes the problem is immense,
don’t blame yourself, that’s how love is.
Don’t try to look for another solution.

Take the time that you’d like
(Take the time that you’d like)
Take the time
to find what you’r waiting for.
(Take the time that you’d like)
Let your heart rest
(Take the time)
There’s too much blood in your veins
(Take the time that you’d like)
Take the time that you’d like
(Take the time that you’d like)
Let your heart rest.

A thousand letters in the closet,
got burned with the sun…
and you feel farther than closer.

Ya Tienes Dueño (You Have an Owner Already)

I don’t know why I want to have you
if you are as far away as the sun.
I don’t know why I started loving you,
I’m afraid of love…

I don’t know if you feel the same,
and I don’t even want to ask myself.
The hardest thing of the moment,
is that your sky is another color.

In my nights, I dream of you and I have you,
and in my days I wake up, I don’t find you-
the ilusion melts, and I had forgotten
you have an owner already…

How I would love to kiss you,
give you my world, and more than that,
change my blood for yours,
build you a house on the moon.

If I want to see you, I look up to the sky,
and I turn myself into a bright star,
reach the top to your heart,
be a crazy spy for love.


I don’t know why I want to have you
(I don’t know why I want to have you)
If you are as far away as the sun
(I don’t know why I want to have you)

Wow~ I am actually rather surprised that it took me only a few days to go through the lyrics. Short songs, with little lyrics. I think it goes to show you how much Gianmarco has developed as a songwriter. His song, through the years… as he’s matured as a performer and person, have become really something else compared to the work he used to do as a 20-something-year-old.

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