Lee Hyori Featuring Gaeri – Swing

Hyori-unnie’s Vol. 4 album H-Logic [okay…]

Here comes the first single… a Latin-emo arthouse styled song/video.
Doesn’t it make you think old Latin song? Like OLD school Latin song.

And there’s a creepy clown… so arthouse.
And black balloons… totally Le Ballon Rouge xD

thanks Julz for the heads up~

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  1. I kind of like the fact that she is doing something different.
    I was so not expecting this.
    I was almost a bit afraid she was going to do the “candy-funk” that every girl group in Korea has done/is doing. Something a la 2NE1.
    I don’t know if I want to say that this is so much better, I guess I can say that this is mature.
    And mature looks good on Hyori-unnie!

  2. Oh, yeah. I agree. Hyori-unnie looks grown-up, there’s nothing worse than a 30-something acting like a 20-something bubbly pop tart. Even though I was all over U Go Girl. LOL xD

    But you know I’ve never warmed up to Hyori’s voice. I think she’s got a great talking voice, kinda deep and not high-pitched at all, so I always wonder why they make her high-pitched in her albums. With her voice and personality she could be doing all sort of moody soft talking jazzy and blues-y music. I’d be all over that.

    Critics would probably be all over that… and well, if it’s sexy voice and moody, adult fans would be all over it too.

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