Bi – Love Song

Once again, thanks Julz for making me watch.
I saw this posted about a week ago, but didn’t wanna watch based on the title. I mean… “Love Song”? Sound the alarms! Also… Bi Rain… some people call him Rain, others Bi… others Bi Rain to avoid misunderstandings~ but Bi Rain is so less practical xD

This is the first single from his album Back to the Basics — I just had a full flashback to Christina Aguilera — and well, apparently the song is written and composed by Bi himself. Color me surprise. No wonder it plays well with Bi’s strength… using his sexy whispery voice.

my only pet-peeve I’ve told Julz is that he does the urban-looking dance all sweaty, which looks good sure… but does little to say “wow, Bi’s all grown up now”. I suggested to Julz that he should have done the sitting on a stool all tuxed up, doing a choreography with that and while the song seems to be getting angrier, he begins loosening his tie, and ends up ripping off his shirt.

See~~~ probably same effect, but doesn’t go all urban. xD

5 responses to Bi – Love Song

  1. The urban thing is what I like to call: the JYP effect.
    I think that Rain is never going to do the mature thing, he is too vain to have his fans think of him of anything else than the most amazing sex symbol ever…..

  2. Oh! And have u seen the promo pics for this album? If you haven’t then pls do, I would love to hear what you have to say about the painted eyelashes. They make a cameo on this MV, look closely!

  3. JYP effect? What’s JYP?

    Yes, but Bi’s vain enough to do the sexy thing all tuxed-up. I mean, I like that he wants to act and stuff, but if he’s going to keep on singing, he’d better not try to act like a 20-year-old. Leave the slow jam urban thing to guys like Taeyang. Even G-Dragon has a more interesting musical image…

    Haven’t seen the promo pics, will check them out tonite~

  4. So… since Bi isn’t under JYP now, shouldn’t he like… move on?
    or something? LOL instead of doing it JYP style~

    btw, saw the photos.
    they’re okay… I guess. I bit generic though.

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