Main Titles that We Love: Desperate Housewives

Continuing with posts on main titles, this is Desperate Housewives by yu+co

Check the yu+co link for a better resolution one.

What’s so cool about this title sequence is that it’s simple. Women from famous paintings as housewives. At the time, it was giddy for anyone taking an art history class. Plus, it captured the essence of the show.

Frankly, I’ve stopped watching the show… and I think they’ve stopped playing the intro last last season. But it still brings back memories of better Desperate times. The last season I bought on DVD was when they did the 5 year jump. I’m going to pretend the show ended there.

4 responses to Main Titles that We Love: Desperate Housewives

  1. Since 3rd season, the only thing good about this show is probably the titles…

  2. I actually got reejuvinated really good with the 5 year jump. A lot of other series could use that techinque in advancing their stories.

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