My TV Fall Season’09

September 23, 2009 — 4 Comments

What is I watching?

As you know, I’m watching Glee!!! – 22eps for this season, I’m so happy!!

and I just began watching House last night. This season premiere blew me away. I’ve got a bizarre thing going for House. LOL’ I actually think he’s pretty hot… in the OMG-he’s-such-an-asshole-but-so-smart-and-plays-music kind of way. And there was also Franka Potente in the episode. Potente, *laughs* always makes me laugh. It’s a Peruvian thing (dunno if it’s Latinamerican) – it’s commonly heard “esta power” or “esta fuertota” – sorry, I can’t translate that. But “Potente” always reminds me of that, so whenever I watch a film with Franka Potente, I giggle.

Anyway… I’m rambling. The premiere of Season 6 was wicked. Very different from a House episode, but still good. I did miss seeing Cuddy, though. It’s guaranteed that I’d be watching next episode.

Also… next week, Desperate Housewives begins… which, okay~ last season wasn’t so good. In fact, I’m beginning to screw up my DH collection because I’ve decided to not buy Season 5, but I’m willing to give Season 6 a try. After all, the first time I saw the later seasons of Buffy, I didn’t really liked them. xD

Nothing else. I think it’s time I pick up the pace for film viewing, I do want to be eligible for my own awards.

Also! I can’t wait any longer for Dexter and United States of Tara!!! And I’m also planning to watch Mad Men Season 3. Also interested in Big Love. And I know I should watch True Blood, but all the “OMG this is truly better than Twilight” scares the shit out of me.

4 responses to My TV Fall Season’09

  1. I recently started watching Dexter, and I can’t wait til the new Dexter!!!! Unfortunately, I don’t have Showtime… hmmm… anyways, great blog! lots of fun stuff! :)

  2. I don’t have Showtime either ;P
    not in my region…

    thanks for the comment!

  3. I started watching True Blood when it came out but I stopped cuz it was too PG-18 LOL. But I’m considering watching season 2 cuz Alex told me it was way better and worth watching… so I’ll give it a second chance to see why is everyone so hype-up about the show… cuz i didn’t get it :/ (maybe its because sex sells + blood).

    I wonder when is this vampire-thing going to stop O_o… on Sept. 25, they opened up a Vampire Museum @NYC XD it’s a horror house called NIghtmare: Vampires. I’m probably gonna post an entry about it on my blog soon… I went there on Saturday night O-o.

  4. sexy hot full of sex vampires on HBO sell much better than PG vampires on Twilight. IMO. xD After all, vampires are supposed to be sex-driven creatures.. it’s all the symbols xD

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