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June 6, 2007 — 8 Comments

Okay, so I was watching an episode of Desperate Housewives on Sony (Entertainment Television), which had no Bree – AT ALL. The episode sucked so badly, I felt sorry for it. Seriously, the best character of the show is Bree hands down, without Marcia Cross, DH will drop down on ratings. So, in the light of this crappy episode, I wanted to make a list of my favorite TV characters, in no particular order~

Bree Van de Kamp, aka Bree HodgesBree – Desperate Housewives
As I said before, Bree is the best character on the show because of moments like this. She’s got a great mix of drama and dark comedy, which makes her a lot of fun to watch.

Marcia is overdue with her Emmy and Golden Globe award, and will hopefully be recognize. Seriously, who made Teri Hatcher the ‘next-big-thing,’ who is obviously overrated in acting on this show.

To Bree! Who manages to hold herself together with two problematic kids, sociopath love interests, entwined storyline and STILL manages to keep her house awesomely clean! She’s the best DH character, HANDS DOWN!



Mal ReynoldsCaptain Malcom Reynolds – Firefly
Going from a suburban dramedy to a Sci-fi western, Mal Reynolds is one hell-of-a-good persona from Firefly, a show with great people. I think Whedon does such a great job with his characters, that you even like the bad guys. Mal stands out because he’s a good/bad nature – heck yeah, he steals, he gets into bar brawls, he escapes the authority… yet, he manages to grab our attention with his humanity. He will never leave his crew behind, and he’s not afraid of brawling with a woman (namely Saffron) – He can be fatherly or a big brother, he can be the captain, or just a petty thief who’s too little to hang out with a Companion.

Mal’s got loads of witty lines in times of distress, and has life-altering moments… all in all. We love Mal.



Anya & XanderAnya Jenkins – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
From one Joss Whedon show to the other, my other favorite character is Anya… in fact, I love Anya and Xander. But like I said before, Whedon does so great with his characters, is hard to not like them… although I so totally disliked Dawn, but she’s okay on the comic version!

What can I say about Anya? She was a pretty kick ass baddie, and then became one of the goodies, which was awesome due to her off-beat sense of humor. Plus, having Anya becoming more and more human throughout the show… some of my favorite Anya moments were on episodes Hush (S4), The Body (S5), Hell’s Bell (S6), Selfless (S7).




Mary CherryMary Cherry – Popular
From one The WB show to another… Mary Cherry’s got the title of best one-liners, I believe. You can’t help but to love Mary Cherry with all her exaggerated Texan-like accent, all her money, retarded-self, strange ways… she was just Mary Cherry, daughter of Cherry Cherry (aka Mama Cherry) – the one mom who sent her daughter in a secret trip to Switzerland for a secret plastic surgery done on her daughter’s webbed feet.

One cannot help but laugh at Mary Cherry doing the cha-cha with Joe, and kidnapping Gwyneth’s fashion assistant with fello bitch friend, Nicole Julian. However, Mary Cherry is not all wacky – she’s also got her moments where you see vulnerability to her over-the-top-high-school-performance.

I tip my Mr. Cluck’s bucket off to her!



Shane and AliceAlice Pieszecki/Shane McCutcheon/Helena Peabody – The L Word
Next, one big jump to Showtime, and we get to a show I’m still deciding whether it’s brilliant or not. However, Alice, Shane and Helena are characters that are quite interesting. Alice is the one with the funnier scenes, especially in interactions with Shane and Helena (S4) – and I totally loved her with Dana, because Dana rocked so much. Alice is such a hyperactive character that really needs to morph now that Dana is gone… I think it could be interesting, depending on what the writers have prepared for her.

Shane, to me, is very intriguing. I’ve no idea how many loved her character arc, but I did. I thought it was quite refreshing to see Shane pursuing family life with Paige, after the whole deal with Carmen and the wedding fiasco. And found it great that all characters found it puzzling as many viewers did. (“This is not our Shane, but someone pretending to be our Shane”)

Helena & AliceAnd lastly, but certainly not least, Helena Peabody. My goodness, she began as the money-handler-girl-snatcher-bitch that we absolutely could adore because of her over-compensating relationship with her kids… and now, penniless, powerless, and in the search for a new identity Helena. I admit it was sort of odd having her doing a 180, but as I said of Shane… it’s refreshing. I can see her as a very conflicted character because everything she was so used to, was suddenly taken from her.

Very high hopes for the three of them.



A very special mention to… Ling Woo from Ally McBeal, Kyra Hart from Reba, Lady Heather on CSI, Richie Velch on The Class… and I think that’s about it, unless you wanna count Chef Ramsay, who totally rocks~

8 responses to My Favorite TV Characters

  1. Let’s add:
    – Sooz, from As If. She totally rocks with her dreadlocks.
    – Molly Hardy, from The Adventures of Shirley Holmes. She is one of the best villains in kids/young adults shows.
    – Piper Halliwell, from Charmed. Piper has been the most well-rounded character on the show, that also showed tons of frailty. Loved her to bits for her cynicism, and heart-breaking moments.

  2. How about Jeff from Coupling (UK) *laughs to herself* – or Jane… she was pretty funny too.


    Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy – but Grim also comes close. They are both hilarious. I love Grim’s accent in both English and Spanish.

  3. Adding Takeru Mizushima and Ruka Kishimoto from the Japanese drama Last Friends.

    George from Dead Like Me, Conrad from Weeds, Jaye Tyler from Wonderfalls!!!!!!!! Noda Megumi from Nodame Cantabile

    *must remember to make another fave character post soon”

  4. Oh yeah… duh! Helena and Alice on Season 5 of the L Word?? Lol, Helena was non-existent and Alice was just so PFFT. >,< I still have a soft spot for Shane... and Molly! Lol xD

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