We Love Bree!

March 9, 2008 — 4 Comments

Let’s start off with a quote from EW.com:

Bree Van De Kamp has a deeper role: She is Wisteria Lane’s beacon of perfection — the exquisitely starched pleat in a wash-and-wear world — and God love her, it’s the only thing keeping her sane.

We didn’t always love Bree, so correct in her deportment she made Miss Manners look sloppy.


WRONG. We ALWAYS loved Bree. From the moment we met Bree Van de Kamp, we knew she was the essence of Desperate Housewives, and while we have grown tired of going around Susan and Mike, or Gabrielle’s stumbling and tumbling with men, we love Bree (Hodge, now that she’s married to Orson) even more. I hold nothing against Lynette, but there’s just that something extra special for me about Bree’s character.

Perhaps it’s the brilliance of how Marc Cherry has fleshed her out, she’s complexed and interesting… I just can’t wait what she will do next, or maybe it’s the amazing acting by Marcia Cross – People, she is WAY overdue with her awards, let me tell you that. It’s certainly not her muffin’-making techniques, or the way she can keep her house so orderly, or the way she can keep her garden… it’s not, for sure, the way she seems so perfect a housewife… because I would probably NOT be friends with someone like her because there’s no personality farther than mine… but there’s something.

It’s the delivering of lines about something not so funny, but funny at the same time. It’s how Bree can talk about pie baking, as well as showing her passion for guns, or flip out when finding out her son is smoking pot… and plant it in her son’s locker to bust him. Or when she is trying to be a sexy kitten for her marriage’s sake, but worrying about the stain that the cheese-dripping burrito will leave on the carpet. It’s how she would love her son, even if he were a murderer… and how she reacts when George sang to her.

It’s also how she tries to protect her son, and how hard she tried to keep him with her, but it’s also how she had to let him go. It’s how she falls in love once again, and what she does when her daughter gets pregnant… it is the heart-breaking look on her face when her daughter gave up her child.

There’s many a-reason to love Bree, and there’s so many more to love Marcia Cross, but first we must thank Marc Cherry for the wonderful character he created because without him, we wouldn’t have a Bree to love. – ;-)

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