The YAM Team

I hate coding. Surprise!

I need someone to code for me xD

I’m trying to figure out what plugins to add, and decide what I need to code myself. It’s just… headache. In the end, I just began adding the categories and some of the tags we will be using, as well as creating accounts for the YAM team! xD

obviously, I deleted the names, usernames and email addresses for protection. But as you can see… there’s all us… there’s me, there’s our Ghost Writer, and we’ve got a bunch of more ghosts that have no pictures – and there’s LinzerDinzer.

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  1. Where am I?
    Btw, I am having issues with my mail, it is not forwarding my mails! grrr

    • ur one of the ghost default faces because u decided not to open a wordpress account. u can change/add a photo if u login, I think. Not sure if it links ur account to a gravatar account or if it's local though.

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