Time for a Change?

November 17, 2008 — 2 Comments

I am thinking of re-styling this place (my mom is also thinking of changing the color of the apartment) – but am undecided. I have 3 pretty different ideas… opinions?

Pixeled - Sample

At first sight, I thought Pixeled was pretty good-looking. But it doesn’t look like Amy, non? Something off about it, for me… too much going on too.

Then I fell in love with…

Japan Style - Sample

Japan Style~~~ I like some of the things about it, like the Archives, and the calendar, and the quoting, and looks less clustered and more homey than the above. Plus, it’s like paper xD I love things that look like paper~ Anyway! I also love clean… so I also put my eye on…

My Days of Amber - Sample

My Days of Amber, in which I also liked some of the features (like featured article), ad space  (even though I hate ads), and basically cleaningness.

I thought I might try to mix Japan Style with Days of Amber, to make something like Days of Japan or something, ha! What you think? Opinions on the styles??

2 responses to Time for a Change?

  1. hmmm how aobut some pink kawaii stuff?

  2. leaving it as it is now is better , i guess , it is… different.
    sometimes changing turns to be ordinary.

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