Comments and Trackbacks not Showing up on WordPress Dashboard

November 15, 2010 — 11 Comments

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my WordPress Dashboard didn’t show any of the “recent comments” items — neither comments or trackbacks — and that the data of number of posts and comments said there were “0 comments”. At first I thought it might be that Intense Debate was playing with my mind, so I deactivated it… but nothing happened. I thought maybe it was some WordPress mumbo jumbo, so I let it go for a day or two. But it started to bug me.

I didn’t do any updates to WordPress… or to any of the plugins I used, so it must have been something else inside. With the plugin on, there were comments, but without it all the comments were magically disappeared.

After a few hits, I found this thread on WordPress.

Basically, if you’ve got a self-hostel WordPress blog,  go to your Webhost’s control panel. Head over to the mySQL options, choose the appropriate database (the one that holds your WordPress info), and hit repair. That did it.

Some of the trackbacks I did during this database wonk don’t show up. How to send the trackbacks again?

11 responses to Comments and Trackbacks not Showing up on WordPress Dashboard

  1. Weird… I do the repair/optimize database every couple weeks to keep things clean and neat. Make sure to backup your database from time to time! What do you mean by trackbacks? The ones that you “send” will continue to exist but the ones that you “receive”, you can’t really receive again if they are lost. In any case, trackbacks are overrated ;)

    • I should really make a habit of backing up every month xD

      The trackbacks I did, I posted the newest OK Go video with links to the other videos they’ve released this year, and while they show up on the “sent trackbacks” list, the links don’t show up in the rest of the posts.

      I’ve gotten a lot of spam trackbacks~

  2. Intense debate has been running a lot smoother for me than Disqus did. Unfortunately there is so few bloggers using Intense Debate I need my points to go up!!! =)

  3. I am soooooooooooooooooo grateful. I was losing my mind. I have been working on trying to restore comments since yesterday and all I needed to do was press REPAIR DATABASE! how does the database get damaged in the first place?

    • @Nollywood Forever, I know, right?
      Weird tech stuff…

      Glad this post help.

    • @Nollywood Forever, actually… there’s a new issue with WordPress, and I just noticed it. Reparing the database didn’t help.

      It’s also not letting me access the stats for all my different blogs from within

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