Some Minor Changes Here

April 8, 2009 — 2 Comments

You might not really noticed, since it was just changed in the CSS and ID tags, but I re-arrange some ;)

What you might notice… No more blogroll~~ Now it’s buttons! LOL Also!! You may notice that now we have a prominent button for Google and Yahoo subscriptions!! WEEEEEE~~ That means I want you to subscribe…

If you are a Google user (like me) add me to your Reader… there really isn’t any better way to keep up with updates, I tell you. I have a quite busy Google Reader, and it’s all dandy xD

So please, please~~ especially if you’re interested in Yu Aoi, Juri Ueno, Natalie Portman, etc etc… all the stars I talk about, as well as Award Season. No better way to keep you inform ;)

2 responses to Some Minor Changes Here

  1. I surf here everyday, several time during the days actually, so I kind of do not need to subscribe, I do not need more stuff to stalk u with…. hahahaha

  2. Yeah, it’s more target to the people who just take and leech… leech because they either take photos, etc etc, and never comment. At least, subscribe…

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