Love for WordPress Themes but…

June 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

Since last year, right around the time I changed this blog (I think), I have been eyeing the WordPress theme titled Chunk. UGH. You don’t know how much I wanted to use that theme.

It was so white and had a typographic base. But it’s not available for self-hosted blogs… not that I could find any download easily anyway. My only pet-peeve was that it was a one-column layout and it just reminded me so much of Tumblr. So many WordPress blogs now work like Tumblr.

ANYWAY, so I resigned myself. I couldn’t get Chunk, so I didn’t use it. Throughout these months, WordPress has been releasing a series of themes that I loved much — many of them paid, though — and I just couldn’t find the perfect project to have a paid template for.

Today I checked two other of their themes~

Standard by 8BIT, which I loved SO SO SO much too. And you could get for self-hosted blogs too, but it doesn’t seem to have the same features! And the best feature from the theme was that the theme was responsive to your browser window~~~ it just doesn’t seem to be the same theme… unless the Demo is just showing the start-up version of the theme, instead of the updated one.

Part of me wants to move my blogging to WordPress now xD just to be able to test themes LOL

Then there was Ideation and Intent.

It’s also a beautiful theme, and much more useful to me than Chunk. It’s got columns and way more content on the front page, but once again there’s no self-hosted version available T_T

LOL woe is me.

Also… what’s up with the load-content-on-scroll? It’s okay for blogs with little content, but I find it a bit heavy with blogs that have more than a couple of dozen posts, let alone in the hundreds or thousands.

I’m completely null on WordPress now. Completely outdated.

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