Video Music Awards – VMA’s 2008

September 7, 2008 — 2 Comments

VMA’s still on, and Pink just performed So What, which I dig. I actually own all Pink albums, even the first one, and I know that Pink pumps the audience good, just didn’t feel the performance tonight… Best of the night though, up until now.

Now, onto rumblings… Britney WON! She actually won a Moonman, which my dad was sure she wasn’t gonna do, and he was left flabbergasted. LOL – Anyway, I actually don’t care for any of the nominees… actually, dunno who’s nominated so I’m kinda going with the flow. xD But Britney won! Yes, I was also surprised, as I thought Katy Perry was gonna win and all…

Why the hell did MTV cut to commercials when The Ting Tings were performing? WHY! And they should really think about changing the category names from such as Best Female Video to Most Popular Video by a Female, because it’s hard to believe that a video by Jordin Sparks could win a spot in the nominees, instead of a Bjork’s video.

You can probably call me an old lady complaining, but I miss the old VMAs, LOL. I mean, I think maybe this one is up by standards of last year’s event… MTV and Las Vegas don’t mix. But yeah, I miss the VMAs… back when they did ‘red carpet’ interviews, and nominees and other musicians actually talked about their music… talked about what it was like to work with such and such director, or talked about their upcoming album… it was a fun place to learn about upcoming music and projects. Not anymore. Now I have to endure… what, an hour of people talking about what they wear, which is not so good looking if I may say…

Back when performances, and putting on a show mattered… you can hate NSYNC all you want, but the freaking dancing they did with the digital screens and giant heads, with the green lasers in the background as they sang a mix of Bye Bye Bye with It’s Gonna Be Me. That was a GOOD performance. We may hate on Britney, and hide the fact that we, in fact, listened to some of her music… but her VMA performances (until 2001 or ’02, I think) were GOOD.

** I interrupt this rant because Christina Aguilera just gave me a Britney Spears flashback ** – My friend and I thought Christina was channeling Las Vegas Concert Britney… did you? And my friend is relieved because she promised to shoot herself if Miley won Best New Artist.

Anyway, as I was saying… Olden VMA days, with TLC performing No Scrubs and the Tap dancing, Fatboy Slim and the black outfit with red blinking lights as they went around dancing to Praise You… come on, even the Xtreme midget (or little people) performance with Blink 182. Even BackStreet Boys were good in their Everybody’s (Backstreet’s Back) performance, I even dug that I Want it that Way mix with Larger than Life… Lauryn Hill performing~~ Like memorable performances, like Madonna  frolicking around in her skimpy wedding dress. LOL’

** Interrupting again ** So… someone died from a heart attack because Britney WON not one… but TWO Moonmans, Moonmen? TWO AWARDS NOW. WOW

So… will Britney win Video of the Year…. I mean… “Video of the Year” – because you know, it’s not really THE best video of the year, but the video with the most voted performer, and let’s be frank… there’s no such thing as bad publicity. LOL~~ So she won… The winning would’ve been better at another time, it all feels like a big MTV joke.

Ugh, I dunno what to think of this. LOL ~ The Ting Tings had obviously the better looking video, the catchier song. But oh whatever… Kanye is singing now, but don’t care. And Kid Rock… he’s so Country now. I’m surprised… it’s kinda cool that he’s all over the genres, though I wonder what his fans think. I don’t know anyone in my circle of friends who like him.

Your comments overall?

Mine is that they should change or re-brand all the categories’ names because they don’t fit as Best Female Video, Best Male Video, Best Dance Video, Video of the Year… or any, since all are People’s Choice now.

2 responses to Video Music Awards – VMA’s 2008

  1. Eh… didn’t the VMAs jumped the shark after the kiss between Madonna, Aguilera and Britney?

  2. Hahaha that is so true!!!

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