The 90s Were Back: New Kids on the Block + BackStreet Boys @ AMA2010

I know a bunch of people were watching the American Music Awards on Sunday – does anyone care about the AMA once we grow older? I actually complained there was no broadcast, when there actually was… I just didn’t know there was, because I guess I didn’t care.

Also I rarely have the TV on in anything other than CNN, NHK, or CCTV LOL

Anyway, the New Kids on the Block and the BackStreet Boys performed together – which they’ve done before, only the video leaked that time was just a bunch of women screaming. So this one is an actual broadcast performance bringing oh so many memories.

They sang a mash-up (Glee fan-mode on) of Hanging Tough with Everybody, which then turned into I Want it that Way, which turned into Step by Step with The Right Stuff, and they finished off with Larger than Life.

Please, I was a teenage girl once – I know every single track name from any pop song of any pop idol prior to 2002. I know the choreography to those music videos. LOL

But now? Now I work on YAM, and I’m all about WORLDWIDE stuff.

You know what would’ve been AWESOME? If JYJ were still part of DBSK/TVXQ, and they had made their worlwide music take-over and introduction to the American music market in that performance.

Major EPIC.

Imagine… three generations of boybands? BackStreet Boys and New Kids on the Block doing their Right Stuff/Everybody mash-up, I Want it that Way – and then BAM! DBSK introduced to the public singing Step by Step~

And okay, if you really need it – a DBSK song like a beat-driven Don’t Bring Me Down, or a mash-up of Mirotic and Don’t Bring Me Down. This post goes specially to Julz. Would’ve love to see what she would’ve though before dropping DBSK/JYJ/etc etc hardcore fandom~ xD

5 responses to The 90s Were Back: New Kids on the Block + BackStreet Boys @ AMA2010

  1. Lol I love the fact that you are using YAM as an excuse to talk about TVXQ.

    And fml I had written this essay as a respond but your page decided to eat it up! So I shall be back once I have taken a nap!

  2. Oki, what I was saying….


    Oki so I was never that much of a NKOTB fan (too early) nor was I a BSB fan (I loved Hanson more), so this for me wasn’t all that. Sure, I can appreciate the cultural impact it has, two generations of boybands on stage. But damn, had they always sounded that bad? Sorry but had TVXQ been there they would have ttly owned them. Even Yunho had been able to sing better than them and Yunho is not that much of a singer….
    But sure, the idea of presenting TVXQ to the American crowd through this performance had been something all right. One of Asian biggest boyband, currently the biggest seeing as them before are disbanded and the new ones have yet to get to that status (SHINee is getting there but they have long ways to go, as good as they are, they are not TVXQ). That would have been all kind of cool. East meets West, three different generations, not to mention styles of groups. Yeah, it would have been osm!

  3. You are my fire……….

    • LOL Don’t really dig Arashi (or any Jpop band in reality), but what’s the chance of it being my country too xD I like my Jmusic moody and jazzy… and maybe enka-y. Or… u know Salyu-like.

      I wonder if anyone I know it’s in the video. buahaha. OMG, embarrassed xD

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