OMG, Bibi… is that YOU?

May 25, 2010 — 7 Comments

Bibi’s got a new album called Yu Guang Jing (iFishLight, okay…), her third official album — if you count NOW/WOW as one — or her fourth album coming out this June 18. Her first single Yu Guan Tou (Canned Fish)  has just been released, and well… this is the artwork.

Can I just say is a horse surrounded by fish? Are you a mermaid princess on a horse?

And okay… that’s not the elephant in the room. Bibi, what happened to you!? Actually, I gotta tell you that you look really pretty on that photo of you, but I did not recognize you. I love you the way you are, with your glasses and your goofy grin. Your celebrity impersonations kill me.

I love you because you could sing great, but I also love you because you had a distinctive look.

And your song, sounds a bit generic, but I gotta judge on all the album. You know I have all your studio albums, right? And I totally felt midway with Time when you released it, but now I like it quite a bit, so I might warm up to Canned Fish. I totally wanna know what your theme is.

I know it seems like I’m nagging, so I’m gonna tell you what I love about this music news item. I LOVE what you did with the title of your single. Love how the Chinese characters of Canned Fish make up the fish, and how your name is down there with the actual English title, so actually people don’t translate it as “Fish Can”. I saw hints of typography on your album Time, but this is just dandy!

Also Aiya They Didn’t is telling me your upcoming concert tour in China with 10 thousand tickets sold out in 20min. Congratulations on that, and I hope that one day I get to see you live. Not in an Arena… I would love to see you play at the amphitheater at my local cultural center. I’m telling you, it’s a great idea.

ALSO! I’m looking forward to your MV, since you say you’re playing both guy and the girl. You just got me interested. Don’t let all the people fool you, Time wasn’t a bad album.

7 responses to OMG, Bibi… is that YOU?

  1. OMONA! Is that really Bibi? Woah! Like yeah, I wouldn't recognise her if u hadn't told me…
    The song sounds oki, I guess? He debut album is still my all time fav!

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