Joe Odagiri and Chiaki Kuriyama for New Satoshi Miki Drama

May 26, 2010 — 4 Comments

Two of my favorite people are teaming up with one of my fave Japanese directors for a new drama for Asahi TV. Joe Odagiri was set to star on Atami no Sousakan (熱海の捜査官, Atami Investigators?), a series directed by Satoshi Miki (Turtles Swim Faster than Expected, Instant Swamp) that will start airing on Asahi TV on July 2nd (Friday) at 11.15pm. And now, Chiaki Kuriyama (Kill Bill) has joined the cast.

Now… wonder, is anyone subbing this, or am I watching this and figuring out the plot as I go. LOL

via Tokyograph.


I dunno why I posted July 2nd
it starts July 30th

4 responses to Joe Odagiri and Chiaki Kuriyama for New Satoshi Miki Drama

  1. A TV series by Satoshi Miki? That's pretty exciting. And it's late night, so hopefully he'll be given more freedom than in prime time.

  2. Hmm…I was talking to our translator about subbing Hotaru no Hikari, but that will certainly have lots of teams wanting to do it. Maybe I should ask her about this, provided we get caught up with the two dorama's we are doing now. I just wish we hadn't of lost our second translator!

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