T.O.P for Vogue – Dream of Tin Drum

May 19, 2010 — 6 Comments

Julz reporting with these hot photos of TOP.
and I had a vision of him with my favorite Mori Girl.

Okay, I wish she looked less like a little gnome,
and hotter in par with TOP here, but oh well~

Photographs by Jang-hyeon Hong (홍장현)

Seriously, K-Pop fans… you’d look a whole lot less creepy if you decided to post photography credits. They were right there on the Vogue website! I hope I romanized the photographer’s name correctly.

Now, if those pictures could talk…
we could hear his sexy voice xD

via Omona They Didn’t.

6 responses to T.O.P for Vogue – Dream of Tin Drum

  1. *tops TOP*
    Girl, not to be mean but, who gives a fuck about the photographer when u have TOP being all smexy?

  2. without the photographer, you wouldn’t have TOP being all sexy.

  3. yeah well, thank u mr photographer but I don’t care about your name! XP

  4. TOP would still be sexy, but you wouldn’t have anyone capturing his sexy.

  5. Me gusta la tercera foto, a propósito postea sobre el nuevo video de Big Bang, TOP sale …

  6. En la 3ra foto se ve “shy” xD
    y sobre el nuevo video d Big Bang…
    no me gustan las canciones en Japones de ellos~~~
    me suena a q cantan raro… they do look humph though xD

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