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May 19, 2010 — 7 Comments

Last Sunday I was browsing channels with my dad, when I stopped on i-Sat. The scene? Two little girls holding hands, and one that looked very curious. She thought to herself, “Men and women get married to then get divorced. Maybe because women can’t get married to other women, they can’t get divorced!” – or something along those lines. Thing is I burst out laughing at that thought.

After the short, I waited for the credits to see if I could get the name of the short. Sadly, i-Sat didn’t subtitled the credits, so I was left hanging, only knowing what the short was about. I had some failed attempts at searching for it, but once I sat on my own computer, I ended up contacting HanCinema, as well as i-Sat — HanCinema replied (with no answer, coz I had no info) in like 10min. while I am still waiting to here anything from i-Sat.

Anyway, because I’m so good at what I do. I found the short. And I also found the way to watch it from the beginning. Yes, I’m that good. LOL

Anyway, the film starts with little Jin-young-ah (“ah” Korean suffix for pet-names), and how she is bored with “kids” her age. She just wants to grow up already. She tells the brief story of how she came to be, and how she ended up living with her now-single mom. You see, her mom still goes to university, and one day when Jin-young-ah is watching tv, her mom tells her she’s having a friend over.

Introducing the “friend”, and it’s a girl.

That moment killed me. I burst out laughing.

Jin-young’s mom’s friend is a girl wearing sporty clothes, and even a cap. Jin-young-ah is head over heels with how cool she is, and begins considering life with the same-sex… and with a grown-up. She compares life with her mom and her new friend, against life with her dad… and well, let’s just say, her dad doesn’t fare that well.

I’m not gonna tell you the ending here, but it was just refreshing to see this. Not because it’s gay, but because the little girl just gave this… somewhat romantic comedy, a coming-of-age flare.

4/5 =D

7 responses to I’m Jin-young

  1. Were you able to see it online? I’m dying to see it now, after that adorable screencap!

  2. Woa you have super skills. I’ve been trying to find something I saw on tv for a loooong time.
    This short sounds really good, is it available on a website?

  3. Yeah, u are that cool and
    Yet u are one of the most homophobic nations ever! WTF!

  4. yah! Were can I watch it?

  5. You can find it HERE for torrent download the whole Queer Korea Collecion Vol. 1 which includes this short, The Bath, Auld Lang Syne (which was my favorite short because it’s oh so sad), 2 other shorts, plus Boys Meets Boy… which Julz had already shown me on YouTube.

    But you need to be a member, and I don’t know if membership is opened. Besides, if you open ur account, you need to keep it active and seed, because “hit & runs” are not allowed, and they might ban you forever.

    Or… you can buy it over at YesAsia, or HanBooks.com~~~

    It’s like $20 (and YesAsia usually does free shipping in the US and Canada for smaller amount), for a 2-Disc set that plays in any region DVD. The DVD includes the subtitles. ;)

  6. I shall see if I can find it for online streaming, if not I might get the dvd cus u know I loves me some boy meets boy!
    With my sweetie Kim Hye Sung! http://bit.ly/9q43Ul

  7. LOL

    I told you already what I thought of him xD
    he’s got “those eyes” – I can’t stand “those eyes”
    Almost the same look as Ryo… and my cousin hahahaha
    Hugh Grant also has those eyes, as Paul McCartney xD

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