Mamamoo’s Paint Me with Moomoo Tears~

January 4, 2018 — Leave a comment

Well, that was an exciting early morning. I got really hyped 10min. before the pre-orders for Moosical Bluray started because I wasn’t sure I was gonna get a copy, after what people went through while getting Solar’s Emotion. But everything went well, and then I was attacked by Paint Me (칠해줘).

I, obviously, have all the feels. The song DOES get better with replays. It did sound very West power pop ballad to me, which is explained by the fact that the song was composed by Mich Hansen, Peter Wallevik, Daniel Davidsen, Chelcee Grimes, and Kara DioGuardi, who happened to have worked in Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics, which I loved. What really sold me the song are the lyrics, though. Written by JYP’s Jowul (조울), the structure of the song is telling the story of lovers— the beginning of love, the happiness of being in a relationship, the passion, and the heartbreak, with an abrupt ending that works thematically. It’s also a freaking sexy song, so I won’t lie that I wasn’t thinking that my favorite Kpop MV director, Hwang Soo-ah, should’ve done it. LOL

The song really called for a MV with storyline, but I know Mamamoo’s strengths aren’t on acting (‘Be Normal’ xD) and I also understand that Mamamoo aren’t in the position of not showing their face on their MV yet. But I imagined a very intimate MV with actors xD

I’m really looking forward to what they do in the album, even though I’m not looking forward to Sleep in the Car (잠이라도 자지) [1] AND Paint Me being in the same album [see: making albums].

Having said that— the promo photos. Whee-in, you bias wrecker, you. So I finally decided to put together my favorite era looks for each member ^^

Silver Vampire Byul – Decalcomanie Era

Especially when she was wearing her three-piece suit (on the first performance of the comeback).

Mid-Length Pink-Haired Solar – Yes I Am Era

It’s a stuff of dreams. I know there’s a lot of people that love (or missed) Solar’s long hair, but gosh~ her mid-length pink hair did stuff. xD And it’s not even in the promos, it was in the fanmeet pics, wearing denim, wearing the police outfits, or that -now- forbidden yellow dress. But I felt bad using fansite-nims pictures compared to promo shots for the others, so here’s a screencap of Solar on the YIA MV wearing her Sexy Back Moosical outfit, which is also forbidden. lol

I do have a thing for pink hair.

Long-Black Haired Red Hwasa – Yes I Am Era

Honestly, every era -starting from YTB- is Hwasa’s era. LOL

Especially secretary/manager-nim Hwasa with glasses xDDDDDD But I’m also a fan of mid-length orange-haired retro Hwasa and Long-haired seaweed-haired Hwasa from Decalcomanie.

Dark Short-Haired Bop Whee-in – Paint Me Era

And my favorite style~ Whee-in’s current bopped hair is so different to her previous early bop during debut.

Some observations from the good eye of a photoshop user~ her neck seems to be stretched (as some of the fingers), but the picture is god-sent. LOL It’s striking.

Ave Maria, purisima. xD

I’d like to point out that my style is a lot more like Moonbyul and Wheein on the regular. xD

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