I really, REALLY hate Japanese trailers.

[iframe width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”″]

Not tagging this as trailers yet.

The film, as it looks there, looks a bit rubbish. The black & white looks really dull, though I saw some of a sakura shot, and it look kind of interesting.

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  1. I actually can’t wait to see this, especially because they shoot it the way they shot it back in the 50’s and 60’s, so the way you are seeing it is the way people would have seen it back then.

    Oh, and can’t wait to see Rena! So laat century! And Yuko and Takao! What a lovely couple. And I still want to squish Yu even if she looks black and white.

    So, unlike you I love the look of this, and can’t wait to see it.

  2. It’s not that I hate how it looks, but I hate the way Japanese trailers work.

    The best thing about waiting for this it’s probably that it will get distributed with subtitles… and if it isn’t, it will probably get fabsubbed faster that most of Yu’s projects.

  3. Yeah, and I may fansub it. Seriously, if I can get a hold of the RAW then I will ask our translator to do it since she takes request, like the 9 year old dorama we are doing now.

    Hmm…and I did really mind this trailer.

  4. Oh, cool! =D

    What’s your fansub group?

    And… can I request a movie? I’ve been looking for Blue with Mikako Ichikawa. I would say it’s been ages, I do know it’s been at least a year, but the movie came out in 2001. I have the RAW. =D

    btw, Yu’s new Sunscreen CM comes out this week. LOL Another beauty product, FLOWERS reminded me of her Shideido Tsubaki Shampoo deal xD

  5. Dramaniac. If you can get the RAW to me then I will time it and see if ahe will do it in her free time, but she isn’t likely to have any for awhile since we are subbing Mukashi no Otoko and Pro Golfer Hana.

  6. I will try to get her to do it. I actually love Manami and have always liked the Ichikawa sisters, although I have probably seen Mikako more.

  7. Uploading, will gmail you the links when they’re done.

  8. What the fuckering fuck fuck fuck?
    Yeah, Japanese trailers suck major ass! But this seems interesting enough!

  9. Our editor is too busy with unni to edit, so we are only slowly doing episodes, so maybe I can get this translated, and then find someone to edit it. I will try time it this weekend, and send it to the translator to do in her free time.

    Lots to do before I go to see you know who in Osaka.

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