If There Was a Place Called Aoi Yuland…

May 9, 2009 — 5 Comments

~~ it’d be like this map I’m about to show you.

The nifty people at NOTCOT had a blast creating NOTLand with Kidlandia, so I wanted to play too~~~ LOL. Truth, I was supposed to use names of people Yu is related to, instead I decided to use names/last names or even name projects~~ The result, below the break.

And yes, it’s kids stuff… but still, kinda interesting. LOL

Can you spot the character or project? 3P

Aoi Yuland Map with Kidlandia

5 responses to If There Was a Place Called Aoi Yuland…

  1. is the Hawaiian Center based in Nigamushi City? ;)

  2. oops, guess it’s in Kimikoville…

  3. u need like something else to keep u busy….

  4. Gotta keep the fandom active somehow…
    plus, NOTCOT is cool. LOL

  5. Nill, I ended up using Million Yen Girl twice… unless there’s another Suzuko character xD

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