Casual Yu > Fashion Yu

March 4, 2009 — 3 Comments

I never ever really talk about Fashion, since I don’t consider myself fashion~ tees and slacks are my thing~~

So… how do I go about this? Let’s see~~~

Casual Yu is the BEST Yu.

Casual Yu Aoi

Be it wearing an oversized tee, slacks, baggy shorts, a sweater, a beanie, truck caps~ sure, sure~ most of the pics above are magazine shoots, or photobook pics, and even the seldom movie still~ but there are also 5 candid shots from project sets~~ completely adorable on that Don’t Laugh at my Romance on-set shot with the white/creme beanie. Even that theater-personnel uniform shot is pretty cute.

Now, don’t get me wrong~ modeling Yu is pretty great – I LUV LUV LUVVVV Travel Sand and Dandelion. And I think Yu and Yoko Takahashi should come over to Peru for some great shots in Machu Picchu, and all the many ruins in here~~ plus, loads of food.

However, I prefer seeing Yu all casual and relaxed than Fashionable Yu. You know, the one on the red carpet at some event, or modeling on a photoshoot to some high fashion magazine.

Fashion Yu Aoi

I must admit though, I dig her bangs on the bottom right pic, which I’m pretty sure is a candid from a photoshoot. Crazy bangs, I know… kinda off, but I think works with the pic.

3 responses to Casual Yu > Fashion Yu

  1. she’s truly adorable more often than not. I also prefer the casual shots.

  2. Yeah, she’s more unique casual, I think. I love the knittted beanie she used on some of those Travel Sand photos. I’m trying to hunt it down, but no luck. *sighs*

    I have a hunch what the brand is, but haven’t been able to confirm.

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