Like I’ve said to Julz, this is by far SHE’s best song to date.

I could have done without the puffs, but the song is pretty Girl Power.

Who said that girls don’t have Rock N’ Roll
I tell myself, when I’m the only one left
“Who is my hero?”
Can’t see, can’t find, can’t wait for your hero.
Why not be your own sky-holder Shero.
You can, I can be a Shero and face all obstacles
like an Empress waving a proud cape

[make sure the annotations are on so you get the English translation and the pinyin]

That’s a first for me from SHE. There’s also that bit about changing History to Herstory. Totally Girl Power. Awww… I’m missing Girl Power, and I wasn’t even a Spice Girls gal. What’s wrong with me? xD

2 responses to S.H.E – SHERO

  1. Those puffs were very puffy.
    I am a bit tired of everyone going Gaga nowadays but I guess it was inevitable…
    I am n big fan of SHE’s music tbh, to me they seem to always sing the same thing…. boring

  2. 99.99% of their music is the same.
    This song is different though, it’s like some serious Girl Power from Asia.
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song in Chinese like this (or Japanese and Korean).

    Now I feel like listening to TLC’s No Scrubs, and old school Destiny’s Child. LOL
    I love TLC’s Fanmail album. They don’t make albums like that anymore.

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