2NE1 – Try to Follow Me

Color me surprise. This song is so catchy, but I lost track of how many outfits they’ve used. Major points for the Stormtroopers though~~~ and the dancing with those heels.

Also, am I the only one having a Lady Gaga vibe?

I have the urge to get 2NE1 music all of a sudden… as well as Gaga. Must get.

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  1. Didn’t I tell you that 2NE1’s minialbum was osm?
    You seem not to be listening to me TT__TT

  2. you need to feed it to me in a spoon.
    do they only have minialbums?
    because I hate minialbums, it makes their albums like shit

  3. Do they have any mini albums? Of course, and didn’t I tell you to download a video? Theirmini album is one of my faves, and I Don’t Care is just a great song. I just wish they would get rid of Sandara Park cause she can’t sing!

    Just get on JPopsuki and pick up the mini album. Do it now!

  4. yeah, but I hate mini albums!
    I just listened to it through Haoting.com

    They can’t get rid of Sandara… isn’t she the cute one in the group?
    LOL, at least that’s what it seems from video comments xD

    I spent all afternoon listening to SNSD and 2NE1 to appease Julz~
    I’m about to listen to Run Devil Run… but I don’t have much hope for Girl’s Generation
    I really REALLY liked this 2NE1 song though. it’s like less of a guilty pleasure than
    let’s say… SNSD’s Gee.

  5. @Bill: They need to get rid of Sandara and Park Bom (even though she has a lovely voice), they just seem to be so off in the concept that 2NE1 is trying to work.

    @Amy: 2NE1 is soon going to come out with a full out album. I know that you hate minialbums but look at it this way: it is a prefect way to just get the most great tracks. You know how it is in an album, many times 50% of the album sucks. You cut off 50% and u have a minialbum! It is a win-win situation dudette!
    So what did u think about 2NE1 minialbum? Isn’t the production mad tight? You can’t deny that all of the songs work perfectly together. About feeding you spoons, don’t worry, I am on to it *winks*

  6. yeah, i know. But minialbums, to me, are like singles. I mean, it’s the same concept~~~ why get an album that sucks when you can get the one good song as a single. Minialbum work ends up damaging their proper album work, because their albums end up being just a compilation of their minialbums.

    I’m gonna be a bitch here, and quote Marit~
    “To me, one of the biggest challenges and thrills of being a recording artist is not just writing songs, but making albums. A good album is to me one where you can listen from beginning to end, experience highs and lows – and at last feel equally satisfied and hungry for more. An album really should not resemble a random playlist or a “best of what I wrote the past couple of years”. My favorite albums of all time have these qualities (and they are something I will be trying to match for the rest of my life).”

    Minialbums and singles are the reason why I was completed disappointed on Seo Taiji’s Atomos. I’m surprised I liked Salyu’s album as much as I did, but like I said… thematically, the album worked for me.

    Anyway, Loca. I did spent all that afternoon listening to 2NE1… and to top it all off, also to SNSD. I really don’t like SNSD, but they still get me to sing Gee like an idiot. Whenever I caught that, I would “OMG” myself into shame. Oh yeah, I also listened to Gaga. She has two really cool songs… not on the radio, and the rest is fine. She certainly is better live than on album.

  7. Park Bom has a nice voice, just not strong enough to be on the stage. I remember seeing High and Mighty Color a couple of years ago and their female lead, at the time, Maki had the same problem. Nice voice, but she just didn’t have enough strength to be able to sing without a lot of amplification.

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