Chen Bing for Mayday’s Eternal Summer

Since I was kinda lukewarm with Season 2 of The Voice of China, and the format of the show seems to have expanded… and I don’t have my dad to watch with, I haven’t been following this year’s season. Just reading Cfensi’s recaps. xD

Also, there’s not as much variety of music genres and voices like in the first season. However, I’m always game for someone who wants to sing Mayday, because as my dad would note… there is a certain flare to Mayday’s music, as well as Ashin’s voice (plus composition skills!). Nobody can really do Mayday’s music like Mayday can.

But damn~ Chen Bing (陈冰), aka. Kiki, does it pretty well.

I’m not sure about being Kiki Chen, though. And it can’t be plain Kiki, because there’s Kiki from Milk@Coffee.

You can also get the clean song on Xiami, because those damn The Voice special effects can get in the way.

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  1. Hi,
    Do you know if Chen Bing is making music, with a CD out? I live in the USA, and I can’t find anything on her or where to buy her music. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    • Hi, she does have 2 tracks listed on Xiami- one rock-inspired titled 战斗吧! (Nov’14) that’s not very popular (it has a dismal 3.7 rating with 18 1-star votes), and one released last month titled 与星共舞, which is a latin dance inspired she seemed to have performed at a dance reality show on Dragon TV. – Actually, scratch that. It seems she’s been participating on the Mainland version of Dancing with the Stars.

      She also seems to be a featured model on this video for 許願之丘 by Chris Yu 游鴻明.

      You can follow her activities on her Weibo Fan Account.

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