Music Video Director: Zhong Ping Huang

I just finally burnt Zhong Ping Huang’s (黄­中平) name in my head.

Because of A-Mei’s latest MV.

Having realized that he’s made my favorite Faye Wong video, I just spent all night “curating” a list of 77 MVs of some of the music videos he’s directed since 1997… but only of the artists I follow… otherwise the list is just endless~

Most of the time, his style is described as just about style, emotion and composition. Though, I have seen a few of those that have something resembling a plot.

Faye Wong – Bu Liu/ Nothing Left

I think that video captures what I essentially love about Faye Wong.

I think Huang has worked with everyone in the industry by now, including Bibi twice — These Words, and Single Mirror… and Chris Lee’s latest Dancing Artist.

And LaLa x) including Oasis~

Going from Stefanie Sun, to Jay Chou, to Leehom, to David Tao all the way to Fish Leong, Rene Liu, S.H.E, Cheer Chen to Mayday and Amber Kuo, ending up with Mavis Fan.

Here, take a look~

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=””]

Link to the playlist.

2 responses to Music Video Director: Zhong Ping Huang

  1. Huang Zhong Ping a director I hear and see all the time its nice to know how professional he is…I enjoy a lot of his works…thanks for the info

    • No problem ;)

      I always saw his name all the time so I needed to get his name out there. I don’t think there’s much (or any) info on him in English.

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