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Hey, guys~

Just wanted to let everyone know that I created a Yu Aoi list on TheAuteurs ranking her films. I’m still undecided about overall film or just Yu’s performance, so I’m going to say a mix of both.

I think it’s time to take the post-its off…

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  1. I am ashamed to say that I still haven’t watched Lily Chou Chou. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it though. So far, for the Aoi Yu films I’ve watched;I would have to say my number one would be a tie between Hana And Alice and Hula Girls. Yu’s dance performances in both of the film’s climaxes were amazing!

  2. I have literally watched the ballet dance at least 15 times – 6 of those are on the DVD or movie file.

    For Lily Chou Chou, you really must be in the mood to watch it. It’s not one of those “I’ll save it for the rainy afternoon” type of films. It’s just really hard to watch and intense… but such a movie experience. xD And the more you watch it, the more you will like it… hopefully.

    The film was a triple-thread for me, Shunji Iwai + Yu Aoi + Salyu.
    I became a fan of the three xD

  3. One Million Yen Girl at 17? I’ll admit I haven’t seen most of these films (there’s a fair few I haven’t even heard of), but I’m surprised this film came in so low.

  4. Oh, the post-it is not the ranking.
    The post-it’s # is the order I watched them.
    Red dot is what I’ve watched
    Green dot is what is essential Yu Aoi viewing… LOL

    Official ranking is on the link. xD

  5. Ah, yes. That makes more sense. I’ve heard so much about Hana and Alice, I guess that’ll be the next film I try.

  6. Well, you already like Yu’s work,
    so it’s a win-win for you xD

  7. I just saw Gaichu today! I must say it was a pretty intense film. It was very touching how Natsuko (Yu) tried so hard to be a good friend to Sachiko (Aoi). Yu’s role wasn’t very prominent in this film, but I enjoyed it none the less. The Molotov scene was very shocking..I really hope that wasn’t Natsuko’s house, because it resembled it quite a bit..anyways I’m hoping to watch Welcome To The Quiet Room sometime this week or next, can’t wait!

  8. xD If you though Gaichu was intense, you’ll die with Lily Chou Chou. xD

  9. I finally watched Lily Chou Chou last night. All i can say is “WOW”. Although Yu’s role in this movie was almost close to none, she still gave a great performance nonetheless. The scene that occurred after “Tobenai Tsubasa” made my heart fall into the pit of my stomach. For me that was the most dramatic part, albeit most of the events that occur in the movie were much more unsettling. Even though I got some motion sickness from the constant hand held movement, I have to give it to Iwai Shunji to really capture the mood of the story. AND THE MUSIC. Oh my god, the music fit so impeccably well. I have the entire Lily Chou Chou album on my ipod as of now.

    On a side note: Is it just me or does it seem that Yu’s recent character roles lack the tenacity of her previous films? It feels like Yu’s earlier roles; Lily Chou Chou, Hana & Alice, and Hula Girls, have alot more impact more than her more recent films. Hopefully her next film will have that same “oomph”.

  10. Oh, Isami… isn’t Salyu’s voice and music (as Lily) just magical? The whole AALCC movie experience is like one hole in the pit of the stomach. Like I said in my review of the film (here, in case you wanna join that conversation), the first time I saw AALCC it made me sick. LOL

    “I think the film is almost like really dark beautiful poetry… it’s beautiful to watch, but it always leaves you with a feeling of impending doom.” – to quote myself hahaha.

    I think she’s been trying all type of films, I think it would be such a pity to have labeled her as the “dark character”. As it is now, she’s been uber innocent in Honey & Clover, hard-working and a little bit rebellious in Hula Girls, she’s been a boy in Tekkonkinkreet xD, she’s been suicidal, she’s been dark. I think she’s just trying to mature on film… hence the wedding scene in Otouto, and/or post-sex scene in Hyakuman-en… which reminds me, I should be wrapping up my If Only posts.

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