Maid Cafe, Karaoke and Yakitori for the BSB on their Bigger MV

Maid Cafe. The very concept makes me giggle.

But you can never go wrong with Karaoke and Yakitori…
okay maybe the same can be applied to Maid Cafe too.

I wasn’t a big fan of the This Is Us album, and Bigger wasn’t my favorite track in it… and the video is normal, but it just kinda works. I mean, it’s Japan~~~ And did I mention the Maid Cafe, Karaoke AND Yakitori?? xD

This link seems to look a bit better, but can’t embed.

3 responses to Maid Cafe, Karaoke and Yakitori for the BSB on their Bigger MV

  1. ROFL
    I am so coming back later when I am home to watch this
    *crams for her final exam essay*

  2. Aw lol
    That so made me want to go back to Tokyo so bad, besides that, AJ needs a new look… the one he has now is dnw…

  3. I totally agree. I used to like him… you know I was a little girl once, coz he seemed so cool hahaha. Brian looks so good in almost all the video, except on one of his first close-ups where he gets this slow-mo wrinkly forehead. LOL The BSB look good clean and shaved. Most of Westlife looks good with a scruff xD

    Did you see their photos?

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