Chris Colfer for H Magazine

January 12, 2010 — 3 Comments

He looks really great on this photo,
and loads of fun for the photoshoot xD

Trust me, it is not easy to get a good face doing this type of photoshoot. Of course, it might help to have someone take the photos instead of doing self-portraits… xD Anyway, I adore that 2nd photo too.

There’s a cute casual article plus the photos here.

3 responses to Chris Colfer for H Magazine

  1. He is so cute!
    I so sososososo love him in Glee! So does my mum, she is following Glee like her new religion. And she loves Dexter too! And she remembered about Popular! My mum is such a closeted geek….

  2. LOL

    Is she? You should watch Dexter, you’ll love it.
    Actually, you’ll spazz about the first season, I think.

    My mom would also like Dexter, but they usually show it at 11pm here,
    so my mom’s got no time for it.

    They show Glee with karaoke here, so my dad sings whenever we catch it on. And did you hear? Olivia Newton John will be singing on Glee!!

  3. I heard! It is a good step on the right direction! They need more musical icons!

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