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November 2, 2008 — 1 Comment

about nothing in particular. I might be attending to a few events to this year’s Semana Cultural del Japon (Japanese Cultural Week) – so might get photos.

I’m feeling sleepy tonight, as I wait for the newest episode of Desperate Housewives. Did you watch last week? I know I have declared my love to Tom Scavo, but seriously… this “I want to feel alive” attitude is getting boring. Then the episode was kind of okay, I still feel unimpressed with Susan. Gabby is kinda funny… and I still like Bree. Messed up Bree is the best to watch… why don’t people see it?? Bree all messed up lying in bed, pretending to be sick because she had a hung over… Katherine to the rescue. I liked it, and I understood why Orson would feel threaten as a husband, and love it even more when he stepped down understanding.

I’m also waiting for Dexter, though I’m not feeling this season. Episodes seem to drag until the last 5 minutes of the episode, which sort of make you want to watch the next and repeat.

Also… FORGIVE for eh… not viewing as many films as other months? I’ve been catching up on my TV, and this iPod issue has given me a headache. Though the suggestion I was given was partly useful, my iPod is already beyond saving, and I’ve decided to give up transferring music.

Music, I have been catching up on music too… The Beatles, ABBA, Stevie Wonder… eh~ old music. That’s also been keeping me xD

But most importantly, Yoshitsune. I’ve been watching Yoshitsune for the past few (few) days, and that’s kept me from working on my Yu Aoi film discussion, which I promised to do a while back. Forgive for that xD – but anyway, Yoshitsune is quite good. I’m passed the 30/49 episodes mark, so I think I can pretty much have an opinion about it.

Despite its faults, like the older cast never actually getting older when the younger cast age a lot or not at all either (see Yoshitsune at age 13, and age +23… or Tokiwa at young age or older) xD – I dig it. This is mainly because no character is either good or bad, Kiyomori killing Yoshitsune’s father seems bad, but shows his good nature with Yoshitsune…

Yoshitsune is the ‘hero’ of the show I guess, even though he sometimes irks me with his naivity, which I don’t know if it borders into unintelligence. He’s noble and all, but as Tokiwa (his mother) said… why can’t he see the double face!! xD

I also wrote to my friend about Yoshitsune/Utsubo… Aya Ueto playing long-time friend. I cannot say why would Yoshitsune would choose Shizuka over Utsubo, other than Shizuka playing the flute reminding him of his mother… mommy issues, I tell you. xD

Anyway, I feel like I’m learning a little bit of history with it. Ha! I’m on my way to Atsu-Hime with subtitles… anymore I should be watching?

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