When they were kids…

May 30, 2009 — 2 Comments

Two days ago I found an interesting post on Chinese Celebrities When They Were Young~~~

Cutest thing~~ like EVER. Here’s Bibi!! Almost exactly as she is now, isn’t she??

Bibi Chow - Kid Bibi Chow - Kid - doodle

On that post, you’ll see some familiar faces like Zhang Ziyi (who hasn’t changed a bit), Jolin Tsai, Bridgette Lin, Vivian Hsu… is that Ella Chen (???), Jet Li, Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse… and even Yao Ming!

But check after the break for some of the photos for Faye Wong, Jay Chou, Leehom, and Maggie Cheung – with a Japanese bonus… *tsk tsk*

Faye Wong
Faye Wong - Kid

Jay Chou
Jay Chou - Kid

Lee-hom Wang
Lee-hom Wang - Kid

Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung - Teen

…and a bonus of Yu Aoi
Yu Aoi - Kid

Yu Aoi - Kid

Yu Aoi - Age 13

2 responses to When they were kids…

  1. yuuu hasn’t changed….

  2. she hasn’t~~ only way white skin now hahaha, but I suspect that’s from the color of the photograph. xD also… her eyes were a little bit bigger in the first photo hahaha, kids always had bigger eyes.

    We’ll see when Yu is Maggie Cheung’s age though. She really hasn’t changed since that photo. xD

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