Sholly: In your Eyes…

January 24, 2009 — 1 Comment

Aha… to commemorate eh… the first, and tomorrow’s second episode of The L Word.

Sholly! xD

I just liked the letter Molly wrote… Jenny reading it? Not so much. But it was a good letter. Also, 3 captures of Clementine Ford, the part just right after Jenny tells Molly Shane’s fucking Nikki at the Chateau. *rolls eyes*

The L Word - S06x01 - Molly

The L Word - S06x01 - Molly

The L Word - S06x01 - Molly

See… now? I’m just gonna ignore the reading of the letter by Jenny, and focus on the content~ A short letter… maybe more like a postcard, memo? xD But it’s not quantity, but quality… right?

In your eyes, I see things I cannot touch. I know not to reach for them. I let them touch me, and I cherish these moments that we’re able to share — however fleeting they may be.

You likey?

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  1. I like this letter so much..

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