Oscar Nominations 2009!

January 22, 2009 — 4 Comments

I do pretty good Oscar prediction nominees, it seems~ 78 of 92 from all categories (minus shorts and docus), and pretty much perfect score on major categories of acting, directing and film~

Surprises? Kate Winslet nominated for The Reader as Best Actress… No Bolt on the Best Song~~~ xD and Slumdog getting a double nod there. Wooo for Richard Jenkins!!

Not so good surprises… Waltz with Bashir snub in the animation category.

And as I predicted Benjamin Button is up for 13 nods (I said 12-14), and Slumdog is up for 10 (I said 9-10) LOL~

Check out the graphic list of nominees, or the print-friendly version that includes “film by awards” and “award # by film”.

4 responses to Oscar Nominations 2009!

  1. I’m a bit baffled that The Wrestler (song) didn’t got nominated (it could/should have), but Slumdog getting two songs there is cool. Why three songs only? I understand Bolt not being there, but why not Springsteen?

    Can’t complain about the list.

  2. I am really upset about Bruce springsteen not getting the nod for best original song.

    Plus where is Dark Knight in other awards. Where is Gran Torino.

    I am very much disappointed. These oscar nominations and awards are starting to become a joke.

  3. Yeah, I don’t understand why there’s only 3 Original Song nods, instead of 5 – maybe it’s because of my prediction reason~~~ there’s no outstanding original songs anymore.

    I’m glad Beyonce and Miley got shot out of that though… and yeah~ Springsteen missing is just a bit odd.

    Gran Torino WASN’T a good movie, Mob~ Give it up. LOL’

    And I’m yet to watch The Reader, Doubt… so I can’t support TDK getting snubbed or not~ I could have chosen TDK over Frost/Nixon.

    And I’m feeling it for Revolutionary Road, it was a good movie… even if it was so depressing. Leo and Kate needed nominations for their acting at least~ But luckily, Kate won’t be competing against herself here~ xD

  4. yet again i will disagree with you over Gran Torino.

    Gran Torino was a good movie. I am solely pissed on this fact that “The Reader” got nominated for Best picture.

    It is high time that all or any movies based on Holocaust or World War 2 should not be allowed in the Best Picture category. It has become so lame that even the word lame does not describe it.

    The Dark Knight not getting a Best Director or Best picture Nod is a travesty in itself. Supreme injustice has been done. I hope that academy gets thrown into hell on judgement day.

    Pardon my anger but i am extremely disappointed right now.

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