Buffy Reunites!

March 23, 2008 — Leave a comment

The Paley Television Festival paid tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because Buffy is cool, okay? Anyway, they managed to reunite most of the cast (except for Willow, Faith, Giles and Angel… aka. Alisson Hannigan, Eliza Dushku, Anthony Stewart Head and David Boreanaz).

I was trying to find different photos of the event, but all were basically the same… SMG with Green, low-res group photos, etc. However, it was nice to hear about Emma Caulfield out and about, since we don’t get to hear much from her projects. I have a few links talking about the event:
Watch with Kristin – E!

Some of my fave quotes of the event;

“If these guys were real nerds,” Whedon said, “we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”
– Referring to Gellar and Trachtenberg not knowing their Comic Book storylines.

Emma Caulfield recounted how a fan approached her and asked about her monologue in “The Body.” The fan asked what was going through her mind when she read her lines. Emma told the fan she just had to go to the bathroom and was really hungry. She then said she felt bad for upsetting the fan and called it an “Anya moment.”

Happy reading!

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