Osen-san Will Keep on Going…

September 11, 2008 — 6 Comments

OsenBut she made me cry. LOL’ What started as a funny (almost goofy) ride about yummy-looking food from Isshouan, ended up as something that made me cry xD No? Weren’t the last two episodes of Osen so nostalgic?

Maybe it is because my family owns a restaurant as well… and I’m so not-very-much like Osen-san T-T Sadness, NE?

But I do! I do appreciate GOOD food! I appreciate good everything… taking the time to do something~ I do with design… I may not be the Osen-san of design, but I worry for it… and am scared of ‘the times’.

Because now I have to compete with $100 websites, and have to convince and fight for a client that websites are only for them. Okay, I may not call a button “Button-san,” and I certainly can’t drink as much Sake as Osen… and oh yeah, did I mention I can’t cook to save my life? LOL’ But I treat each of my projects like an Isshouan dish~ With time, and dedication.

In the end, is all about learning… connecting, and passing it on. Please, don’t let good things go by just because other things seem more convenient. Hontou onegai shimasu. *bows*

6 responses to Osen-san Will Keep on Going…

  1. *pats head* awwww amy is so cute!! Cute as a button!

  2. LOL’

    So, did you watch Osen? xD I think it might have had a better ending than LF… coz you know, LF just sort of went a little down with the Sousuke storyline~~ and Osen focused more on the food and tradition aspect, instead of the couples.
    Plus, Tome is hot. LOL’

  3. I’m more a film guy that a drama/series guy. To be honest I watched it just because SHE was in it.

    I found it entertaining and at the end of each episode, I often found myself ordering some knack at the nearby take-away restaurant (Asian stuff only). Seeing all that fantastic food made me hungry. :)

    Jokes aside, I think it was deeper than one could expect it would. Under the surface, you have tons of issues and debates that are important regarding Japanese society.

    Will that greedy businessman teach his kid there is more than ketchup in life? um…

    The end made me feel nostalgic too but this is also something I like with Jmovies or series. It’s not always about happy ends and the Marines that defeat the baaaad guys.

  4. Hey, Nill
    I’m just like you. I watch more films than dramas, and I watched it for the same reason. xD

    I’m still waiting to get Osen-san’s sukiyaki… *drools* – I was so happy with this drama because it wasn’t focused on Osen’s love life, and I think that’s why not many people tuned in to watch… and the reason why it’s not on DVD.

    which one would you choose to NOT disappear?
    ika (squid) or tako (octopus)??
    soba noodles or udon??

    I wanted to read the manga… but only the first two parts of the first issue are translated.

  5. there are DVDs for sale @ ebay. They might be Chinese bootlegs but they’re easy to find

  6. Yeah, I read some things about that, someone said the timing on the DVD was all wrong, they couldn’t even use it for doing their own subs. LOL

    I was hoping NTV would release it with nice package and all…

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