Jul 25

Do You Know Your Asians?

Lainey does not have a grandma named Mrs. Wong.

See, even us Asians can’t tell their Asians apart. As I said in the last post, it was the 16th anniversary of the restaurant. We went to eat meat… loads of meat, which was also bad for my jaw.

Anyway, it was a big ass table, so I sat next to my cousin. We got to talking about school, music, economy, eco solutions, and stupid people, among other topics, like Japanese, Korean and Chinese. I told them it was getting harder to tell each apart because everyone is getting a slicker style. However, my cousin was proud to admit that he could tell them apart, which I refused to believe~~

I asked him once again, are you sure you can tell them apart? And I’m not talking about Chinese, Japanese and Korean immigrants in here, but in entertainment. He told me yes. Then I got into an argument with my uncle, who told me I looked Korean… to which I told him that people have said that I look Japanese. Not only in Lima, but also in Vancouver and on my trip to Helsinki. Yes, the same ship where my aunt got confused as Yoko Ono, I was sitting taking on the sights of waters and small islands, when a Japanese man who was probably in his 50s talked to me in Japanese. I politely told him in my broken Japanese, “nihongo wakarimasen,” waving my hand in front to point out it was a negative.

That story ends with us trying to communicate, and him trying to figure out where Peru was. First he figured I was American, then when I told him we spoke Spanish in Peru, he guessed that I was from Spain… which is close enough for me.

So, my uncle’s babo. LOL ‘coz he got all ‘picon’ saying “what does Finnish people know about recognizing Asians?” – I told him DUH! It wasn’t a Finnish man! It was a Japanese tourist!! So there you go, I think I won.

Anyway, that story aside… I told my cousin that I would send him a series of photos and to tell me which country they come from. To tell this story short, he failed. LOL’ I had put a couple of trick photos… but can you tell for yourself??

Can you tell your Asians apart?? Can you tell your Asians apart?? Can you tell your Asians apart??

Of course, if you follow Asian entertainment you can tell some or most of these photos~~ But Highlight and READ BELOW FOR THE ANSWERS~~~

–> On page1, we can see S.H.E singers Ella Chen, and Hebe from Taiwan. Also, moving to the right, Japanese actress Juri Ueno. At the bottom, Japanese actress Yu Aoi, followed by two photos of Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki, and ending with Chinese/Hong Kong performer Faye Wong.

On page2, we can see a photo of Taiwanese group Fahrenheit, and 3 different photos of Korean group DBSK (also known as TVXQ… *note* hate the changing acronym). And a final photo of Korean trio Ibadi.

On page3, Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro followed by another photo of Fahrenheit. Then there’s Se7en from Korea, and Hong Kong performer Aaron Kwok. <–

Did you guess??

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  1. I did quite good!

  2. Yay!! xD
    You did pretty good~~ I’m witness!

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