Iron Chef – Canal Sony Rant

July 5, 2008 — 3 Comments


I blogged this maybe… two weeks ago? Can’t bother to figure out while ranting. Well, it’s the 2nd Saturday I’ve been waiting for it, but nothing… so~~ I figured that MAYBE I had gotten the time wrong, so I decided to check up on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony) for times. However, their schedule doesn’t say anything about Iron Chef anywhere on their prime time.

Canal Sony - Schedule

SO! I thought… Ok, maybe if I check the section that has the info on “new series”! I was wrong… maybe I’m not looking closely, but that’s just POOR layout and user interface. I did find that Iron Chef is a NEW SERIES, but they fail to show me when they will broadcast, or when does it even begin broadcasting~ For all I know, they could’ve scrapped showing Iron Chef.

Nuevas Series - Iron Chef - Canal Sony

That’s my rant. NO IRON CHEF, CRAPPY WEBSITE INFO… I mean, FUCK – I’ve endured 2 weeks of Jamie Kennedy Experiment. LOATH!

3 responses to Iron Chef – Canal Sony Rant

  1. Sorry to hear that you waited for them to start showing Iron Chef, only to have them screw you over like that. Until they finally get their stuff together and start showing it, there is a place on the web that can satisfy your Iron Chef craving. The Iron Chef Collection is a fan operated Iron Chef video database with over 140 full episodes to download or watch online. We also have a lot of Iron Chef related videos such as commercials or other appearances by regulars from the show. We recently have acquired a couple of Japanese language original broadcasts. Come by and check us out.

  2. OMG u an iron chef geek?? What more do we have in common??

  3. We might have Photobookness Bank Disease, LOL’ xD

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