Guilty Pleasures Regarding Reality TV

November 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

It is common knowledge that I’m not really partial to un-scripted television. I grew up with things like MTV’s The Real World in the background of my mind, sometimes watching it quietly when I was a teen. But then it just exploded, and it’s not like I’m bothered by the actual programs… what bothers me is that contestants later become “celebrities”. It’s like being a celebrity means nothing. You can eat crap (literally) for money, win and become a “celebrity”. That’s sad.

Having said that, I have a few shows that I do watch. It doesn’t have to do with who’s in it, or who’s going to be in it… who says it’s what, or if it’s hot or not to watch it.

It’s simply 3 things I would like to be able to do.

First, dancing.

I don’t mean it like putting on music, and shake my butt in a Cameron-Diaz-on-Charlie’s-Angels kinda way. That’s funny dancing, I like funny dancing fine.

I’m talking about the graceful interpretative dancing, or the crazy ballroom dancing people do. So You Think You Can Dance is my guilty pleasure dancing show. It’s pretty good, I think that’s the show I’d be less guilty for watching.

Then, Dancing with the Stars – you can hate all you want. But trust me, your version of Dancing with the Stars is much MUCH better than the crap version of “dancing” with the “stars” we got here. If by dancing you mean “carrying the girl like she’s a bag of rice” then yes. Dancing.

But I do love So You Think You Can Dance. xD

Two. I have a love/hate relationship with hair. I love crazy looking gorgeous hair. If I had a more easy-to-do and/or more patience, I’d do crazy stuff with my head. But hair also grosses me out… freakishly-long wet hair grosses me out the most [eg. The Ring #2].

I’m aware Shear Genius is not a very good show. The judges are lame, the host is a bore, while the contestants border on annoyingly… usually bitchy. But I find hair fascinating. And Tabatha Coffey [pictured above] is pretty awesome, and her hair is so so SO pretty.

TV’s showing the 3rd season of Shear Genius, and Brig Van Osten struck me as nuts, but between all contestants I would choose her to do my hair, trusting that I wouldn’t end up with an old-lady do.

And third, food.

Nobody in my family knows or is aware that I can actually do some cooking. Shh. That’s a secret between me and you. I had to while living away, watching cooking shows, and reading online. I have also learned to eat well, and choose combinations. But I don’t like people knowing because then you gotta prove it. And cooking for the family, PLEASE – that’s a nightmare.

But I love cooking shows. And I love Chef Ramsay, that jerk mother effing. He reminds me of my uncle.

I watch all his shows on BBC Entertainment, including The F Word, Ramsay’s Cookalong… the repeats of Kitchen Nightmare on Fox Life, and I think they even show Hell’s Kitchen on A&E.

Sure, I also watch Anthony Bourdain’s show, and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods. I’ve also gone through Giada de Laurentiis, who’s got an uncanny and unsettling resemblance to Natalie Portman, then Rachel Ray… Jamie Oliver, and many other dudes and dudettes on The Food Network than I care to remember.

I’ve also done Iron Chef, not America.

And I even dig a bit of Argentinean Narda Lepes. The only Latin American chef with a show for whom I would actually stick watching her program if I ran into it.

Oh, I also like Top Chef. xD

Now, your turn. Favorite reality show guilty pleasure (or not).

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