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This is my little request to people who give their review in places like Amazon,, and other online stores throughout the web. Is it too much to ask to write a review that talks about the product at hand?? We’re not at the movies, we’re not paying to ‘just’ watch the film. We are also paying to ‘buy’ the DVD, so we would like to know how’s the image transfer, the audio, what options for setup we have, what extras we get, what kind of packaging we get for said price, etc.

In all my years of DVD buying (somehow this doesn’t apply much to CDs), I have maybe read one or two reviews by a customer that talk about technical stuff. 99.9% of the time you would find a review of the film saying what a wonderful film it was, and how great the acting is. Yes, it’s important to give your opinion of the film, in case someone who hasn’t seen it wants to watch it. But, let’s face it… they could go on a google search and find it anywhere else.

What if I already have seen the film, and want to get the DVD??? Is the DVD worth the price tag? No one mentions that a $16 dollar tag for a single disc with no extras might be to pricey, considering there are single disc DVDs that cost as much as $5. Does it have a blow-your-mind type of DVD Menu maybe? Did it come with something extra that make you treasure it?? Like some pretty nifty printed s tuff?? Only 0.01% of customers mention this type of stuff, and it BUGS ME because it screws up my buying experience.

Dear DVD Reviewer: Review the DVD, not the Film.

I just watched an episode of CSI Miami. Not a fan of CSI Miami, I have probably seen 3 episodes of CSI Miami, and I’ve never gotten into it. Never got into CSI NYC either… heard that it’s surpassed CSI in raitings, but still probably won’t get into it.

I enjoyed CSI when it began, pre-spin-offs, but I haven’t seen a new CSI episode since probably the last episode I saw Lady Heather in. AM a fan of Lady Heather~ Catherine and Grissom, and always a small weakness for Lady Heather and Grissom. LOL’ But I haven’t been following CSI, has it lost its charm? Maybe. Perhaps… there’s too many forensic shows around nowadays.

Does CSI still surprise you? I don’t know how many of you still wait to the end of the episode to find the guilty one, but my mom and me play around by pointing out the people we think could be guilty. The only rule is that is has to be before the commercial break.

The first an only key is to watch films and shows, because if you know a guest-star on any CSI episode, it will most likely be the guilty. That’s it. LOL. Case and point, Katherine Moennig guest-starring, I told my mom that I knew her so she must be guilty. After that, another actor showed up and I told my mom I knew him also, as well as another guy. All of them turned out to be somewhat guilty.

So there you have it folks, guest-starring 101.

YPF is Out in Theaters!

June 17, 2008 — 2 Comments

Holy mother of effing sh!t O_O

Young People Fucking made a wide release… as wide as a film with the word Fucking in the title would get, I’m guessing.

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Shinobu Yaguchi’s work will be showing in Lima thanks to IX Ciclo Anual de Cine Japones, by el Centro Cultural Peruano Japones. Why is this important??? Because Swing GIrls is a Juri Ueno film!

Better late than never, non?

You can check their calendar in the website.

Waterboys will be showing on July 10 (Thursday) (video here *SPOILER ALERT*)
Swing Girls will be showing on July 24 (Thursday) (video here *SPOILER ALERT*)

Auditorio Dai Hall, Centro Cultural Peruano Japonés.
Av. Gregorio Escobedo 803, Jesús María.

7.30 pm (19.30hrs)