Turtlenet, Films, and so many projects… oh, my!

September 23, 2007 — Leave a comment

Aha… long time no writing nothing, eh? It’s been mainly because Internet has been really really REALLY slow. Nothing really loads, and I have to reload pages at least 10 times sometimes to open them… it’s all Telefonica’s fault. There’s a rumor around that one of their DNS servers crashed, which explains why EVERYONE’S connection has been crappy. BUT HEY! They would NEVER EVER admit it’s their fault. One day before I found out, they came over to check the connection and failed to mention this, and blamed one of my computers instead.

Anyway, this weekend’s been full of films… nothing in the theaters because Peru sucks at releasing films I want to watch, so I’ve been watching DVDs and downloads. Here are the films I watched:

– Itty Bitty Titty Committee, this was a movie that failed to catch my attention in the first 30min. It wasn’t at all bad, but it wasn’t really what I was expecting. There were funny moments here and there, and cute moments scattered… but it was left at that. Carly Pope and Leslie Grossman make appearances… Pope wears these awesome pair of glasses hahaha, and Grossman does great as a D-cup assistant who works at an implant center. 2.5/5

– Sweet Land, this was an amazingggggggg film. I love it. It looks amazing, in a very simple way. Beautiful compelling story about immigrants arriving in the US in the 20s or 30s… well, the story is a bit more complicated, with the arrival of sort of a ‘mail order bride. The editing is a bit confusing in the first 15min, but then it all makes sense after that, and it actually makes the editing brilliant! Elizabeth Reaser was really good as Inge Altenberg, the German bride-to-be brought from Norway to marry Norwegian-immigrant Olaf. Even though many have complaint that she didn’t speak German or Norwegian properly, it did a good enough job for me. I thought her lines were delivered convincingly, and one of my many favorite scenes is the one where she goes on a rant. 4.5/5

– Away from Her, this was a nice drama directed by Sarah Polley. The story is so so soooooooooooo sad… I think it’s the saddest movie throughout that I’ve seen. Or maybe it hits close to home? The acting is really good by both main actors, and the tagline really breaks my heart. “I never wanted to be away from her…” 4/5

– Once, this was a pretty good film on songwriting. Sort of like Music & Lyrics but the serious version… no silly songs. The soundtrack is really REALLY good. You can actually catch a song from it in my music player. Well, the most remarkable is the music in this film… but it is also very real. 4/5

– Running with Scissors, directed by Ryan Murphy. I really wanted to love it, but it was okay only. Didn’t really capture my attention, but the funny moments made me laughed. I like Gwyneth in it, though her character reminded me too much of The Royal Tenenbaums. 2.5/5

– For your Consideration, practically the same team that did A Mighty Wind, which I loved watching. This one wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. Catherine O’Hara was pretty great, and Parker Posey too… actually, I find Posey very funny. 3/5

– Children of a Lesser God, a 1986 film starring William Hurt and Marlee Matlin… both very very young. The film was good, though not very exploring. If they had changed Matlin’s character to a hearing person, it wouldn’t have call anyone’s attention. So yeah, the deaf-mute theme makes it all the more compelling… Matlin’s acting was really good though. The film gets your creative juices flowing~~ 3.5/5

And yeah, well… even if I have so many projects going on, there are still new projects popping in… so I just need to keep them in mind.

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