The Peruvian BOOM of Blogs

April 29, 2007 — Leave a comment

The other day on Plus TV, they were showing a discussion on the “boom of blogs” in Peru. The show, 3 G (triple G??). It was sort of interesting to watch this, as I’ve been blogging for about three years already, so this has been around for me for a while.

They discussed things as to “how to make your blog really popular”, and some of the tips were really great, and some other quite obvious. However, in the end, some people just want to share their information to other people that might be looking for that something. Like with what I’m doing with the Kobukuro romaji lyrics… well, in my case – I started a blog to just keep friends and relatives updated on life abroad. The first year or two were a bit busy, and I even kept a database of films I had watched on theaters or DVD… but it was too much work. So I took that section down, it was, however, a really popular search.

Now, my blog has been reduced to just a music player… a list of links, some photographs, and the random blog entry talking about a specific issue or ranting – keeping a portfolio and being webmaster of a few websites is tedious enough work already.

Before, my blog consisted of some videos I did (there’s my YouTube account now), wallpapers, avatars, fake celebrity interviews from my friends and me, music section, movie database with synopsis and opinions… Actually, I should try to search for those videos and post them. Private posting, of course – maybe someday.

Well, anyway – I got really off-topic here. I was talking about the Boom of Peruvian blogs. People said that there would still be an increase in the numbers of Peruvian bloggers, probably until the day there’s no one who wouldn’t know the meaning of the word “blog”, which is probably a very extremely long time in an under-developed country like ours.

Why are blogs popular? Who the heck knows. The thing about blogs is that people want to know what other people are up to, therefore, turning blogs into marketing devices, such as MySpace and the Korean-community-now-translated-to-English, Cyworld. (By the way, I also have a Cyworld account, haha) – People want to know, that’s why bloggers such as Perez Hilton, or that other that sounds like Nicole Ritchie are popular. Gossip + blogging tool = Instant Gossip Magazine, without the printing issues and hot presses…

I’ve heard so many complaints about MySpace lately. I’ve seen a few accounts getting hacked… the most annoying and common problem is spamming, but getting your account hacked sucks. America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 contestant, Megg, got her account hacked and we’ve not heard again about her – Her account states “dead profile” and all pictures have been removed. MySpace also screws up by deleting accounts for unknown reasons, which happened to’s account – who knows why! Other people that got their accounts deleted were some bloggers who were apparently talking about the David & Goliath stores owner/’designer’. He’s been accused of plagiarizing work, and been accused of ‘bullying’ other bloggers who have been talking about this issue.

Hmm… there’s also that issue about that “blogging code” people were talking about last time. I think screw that code – really. It’s as if I were writing some sort of diary, and people would be asking me to ‘keep it clean’ – I will write what I want to write – if I don’t want to get in trouble, I just won’t publish it. Okay? xP – and if people find it offensive, they should just ‘not read it’…. how about that? That’s another reason I’ve never understood so called “trolls” – why go into a forum of a topic you despise. Goddamn attention seekers.

Whatever, I’m just gonna go wait for The L Word to start. What a great show. I think there’s only two shows on air who I truly watch… and that’s The L Word, and Desperate Housewives. – Oh! Has anyone read the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics??? Season 8 is looking pretty awesome, I wonder how it would’ve been on TV.

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