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I read this article on Yahoo titled 5 Movies a Girl Must Watch, and blah.

And you know what I think about Chick Flicks. Anyway, the author of that Yahoo post says this:

Here is my list of romantic (not necessarily comedies) movies a girl must watch. And if you are a guy, I guarantee you WILL score brownie points if you plan an evening with your wife/girlfriend and one of these movie DVDs.

What do you think? Are these Romantic Comedies? Which one is your favorite Romantic film?

Favorite Romantic Movies

  • Other [add a comment] (29%, 6 Votes)
  • Beauty & the Beast (24%, 5 Votes)
  • You've Got Mail (19%, 4 Votes)
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding (19%, 4 Votes)
  • The Holiday (10%, 2 Votes)
  • Serendipity (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 21

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how do you like the new voting plugin?

I was looking into this for a few days, and I was thinking of giving priority to Sharing but since half my traffic uses freaking Internet Explorer, I have decided to give priority to my Google Adsense. Why are you guys still using Internet Explorer?

There is a new issue between the new WordPress version, the Share Button plugin and Google Adsense that makes Google Adsense NOT appear on Internet Explorer (version 8, I believe), which cuts seriously on my ad clickings. The WordPress forum post says it’s a “resolved” issue, but deactivating the plugin is hardly resolving the issue.

Anyway, so there will be no easy sharing until someone fixes that plugin, or someone suggests a better plugin to me. Which one will be faster?

using Posterous

May 29, 2009 — 1 Comment

let’s see how this works.
posting to blog, fb and Flickr… though, no image to upload.
though, I should… let’s add that blinking gif.


/* edit*/

Well, I did various test posts through Posterous with my FB and Flickr accounts… and of course, WordPress, which seems dandy. Won’t really be using it much, unless I’m away and stuff. There’s not much point to doing it when I can access my blogs and all other accounts.

Perfect tool for travel blogging! *hint to you, Julz*

or event blogging… almost works as Twitter, but better. Because you can post to Twitter, and Blogs and all… ALL, at the same time. Easy breezy~~~

The only thing I can’t control is categories and tags. I wonder~~~

Testing it out… you’ve noticed?

Seems to be okay, though I got a bit confused when my Google account wouldn’t let me be my own ‘admin’ automatically… sighs. Just had to sign off completely~~

In case you may be interested… it does seem like it could be a good tool.

Here’s the Google Friend Connect section, and in case you want to implement this with your WordPress, this plugin seems to do the trick for the moment.

So please, if you’ve got a Google account, use it for the comments ;) and subscribe.

Today, two years ago, I began using WordPress!

I’ve gone through… several WordPress updates (some of them messing up with the website), many CSS styles~~~~ and a LOT of topic changes AND even MORE~~~ category additions~~~ and of course, one of the first proper posts was a rant, coz Amy loves ranting. xD However, in those days and age~~~ Amy ranted about many topics into one post~ the rant turned from a Dixie Chicks forum heated discussion, to how crappy Jennifer Hudson winning an Oscar was. LOL I still feel the same way though~~ Rinko Kikuchi so totally kicked major butt there~~~

Topics haven’t changed much actually… I still rant about Oscar, and AM so into Japanese films. Haven’t seen much Rinko Kikuchi since then though… as I am still waiting for Brothers Bloom to come out anywhere I might be able  to watch.

Similar to today, a year ago… well not exactly today, since I didn’t blog on March 3rd 2008 –  but 7th, I blogged Julyssa’s Greta Garbo’s book gift. WOOOOOOO – Julyssa!!! It’s been a year since that gift!! Thank you SOOOOO much. Greta Garbo photographs are sooooooo AWEsome. Ne? xD

So thank you, WordPress~ Two years together! xD