Programming Nightmare!

April 16, 2008 — Leave a comment

Amy’s having a rubbish couple of days. LOL’ And needs the help of people online…

I’m looking for someone who can help me out with a new WordPress 2.5 installation. Now, this blog and my portfolio runs perfectly fine and dandy on WP 2.5. Last night, I did an installation for someone, using another server and WP 2.5 doesn’t work properly. Case and point; now… if you don’t see anything wrong, take a look at BOTH… one from the new installation, and the other one from this blog.

Wordpress 2.5 with no Media Add Interface Wordpress 2.5 with Media Add Interface

So I thought maybe it’s my WP 2.5 installation, that’s why I did it again. But I had the same problem, even though I started with a brand new database, and all. So I decided to downgrade to WP 2.3, and yet… I seem to have the same missing stuff.

Wordpress 2.3 no Visual Editor

Is it the server’s fault? WordPress bug? What did I do? T-T I still need to do a clean install of WordPress 2.3… Oh yeah, and the programming nightmare it’s from the theme, of course. Not that I program anything on WP – LOL’ I keep on getting an error with getting the recent comments, and I checked out that I might have to activate something I can’t actually see on my buggy installation of WP. BUM!


6hrs, later, people! I got WP 2.5 perfectly running, when all of a sudden it crashed with a 500 error. BUM. I did a clean clean, new database install of WP 2.3, and it seemed to work dandy… SO, I upgraded to 2.5 from there, and had the same gone-interface. SO… I went on and did a clean clean, new database install of WP 2.5 twice… second time work good. I was getting my theme on, and the plugins working when BAM! Internal Server Error. My mistake, their mistake?


1hr. later! After the server 500-crashed on me, I did my last WP 2.5 install. Again, new database… clean clean. It seems to be holding up okay. Keeping an eye over it…

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