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There’s some stunning views on this hyperlapse video using Teehan+Lax technology

You can check more info and get the source code on their Vimeo page.

Ahhhh… Tokyo. What I wouldn’t give to visit that once in a lifetime…

Remember when time-lapse used to be the craze within designer circles? You used to find all the good ones in design blogs, and stuff…

I found this on Facebook, posted from a second-hand rate website.

There’s also a Vimeo version.

I can see why people hate time-lapse now, though I gotta admit the time-lapse with Machu Picchu is quite stunning. We don’t get to see Machu Picchu shot as beautiful as it was shown there.

I think time-lapse videos have been in the decline for the past year — it was so hip to do time-lapse back in 2009/2010 and tons of them popped up in Vimeo and even on TV. Alas~

There’s just something very beautiful about light painting… so combining the two deserves its post ;P

This is pretty good stuff…

First contender of Breakthrough MV of 2011~

You can get more info on Cold Mailman over YAM Magazine ;P

Hi, guys~

To tell you the truth, I haven’t even had that much time to go through my daily bits like I used to. But sometimes, when I’m lucky… I will find something that I would like to post.

This clip is so freaking fantastic. xD

Pretty big-sized paper sculpture!

More Jonsi at The Wiltern stuff – missed the first post?

A short time-lapse video of Jonsi’s performance xD

You know, up until now – Jonsi’s Go remains one of my fave albums of 2010. Shortly followed by Yuguo’s Those Words I Want to Say to You, but that’s an EP.

Thanks to Joel for the heads up on this time-lapse video.

Another single from their album Of The Blue Colour of the Sky.
Directed by OK Go, Eric Gunther, and Jeff Lieberman~

After their first and second album, and a couple of listens to them… OK Go are seriously hit or miss for me. I used to dig tracks like Here We Go Again, and C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips and stuff like that, but now it gets boring quite easily. Their videos, however, you just want to keep on watching.

I don’t think they surpassed themselves, though. I mean, This Too Shall Pass, right?

PS: The duck makes me laugh. xD