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I think it’s time for a “time-lapse” tag, don’t you?

I think it’s amazing how some shots look like a scale model.

So the Icelandic unpronounceable volcano, except for Icelanders and maybe Nordics… was all over the news for a while, but never did it look this AWESOME. With time-lapse, of course ;P

News channels should really hire people like this. But then again, it isn’t how pretty it is, but how fast you get it out, right? Hence no time for much post-productions? Still, I take this over their images~~~

Yay for more time-lapse videos!
and this one is stunning.

Of course, best viewed on HD~ and if you like it a lot, you can download it through the Vimeo page.

I always love a good time-lapse~ [Vancouver][Marriage Proposal]
and I love Japan =D so… win win, right?

Ugh, I miss Vancouver so fucking much.
It’s such a beautiful city, even with that crazy fog.

I used to walk those streets almost every day.

Awww… that is so awesome, non?
Major points for the music~~~
But of course, the big points come
from all that light painting~~~

This really wouldn’t work on a 2hrs broadcast, but I seriously think that CCTV should buy this for broadcast of this year’s highlights. It’d be awesome to see this on the TV. xD Like Officially, you know?

And some shots look like miniature models, right? xD

Check it out yourself here. Awesome stuff.

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer and often the supreme disappointment.” Ansel Adams

Time-lapse, slow-mo, and gorgeous photography/cinematography.

It’s as if it could be all GCI xD