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How about some Carmen Miranda in Las Vegas?
or Brigitte Bardot as a Geisha? or… Frida Kahlo in Bollywood?

xD Kristen Wiig is pretty funny, and takes this photoshoot to a nice place with the help of photographer Tom Allen. Though his site forwards you to, which kinda sucks coz it’s on Flash and you gotta check the whole site instead of just heading to PHOTOGRAPHER > TOM ALLEN.

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Tina Few will be gracing the cover of Vogue on March 2010, with photographs by Peruvian photographer Mario Testino. Funniest part? Fey’s Testino accent…

“You look like Stephanie Seeeee-mour.” Her favorite moment: “At one point I was posing for him, and he was talking from behind the camera and he was like, ‘You have to fliiiirt, darleeeng. You have to bee-leeve you are wuuuurthy to be on the cover.’

On the interview she covers normalcy, hand-me downs, mom jeans, power-suits, award season fashion, wardrobe on a movie set… her new film, and much more.

Sometimes SNL comes through with some pretty photos of their celebrity hosts, and their musical guests… some of them by Mary Ellen Matthews and Jed Root. One of my favorite ones of Natalie Portman. xD


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I don’t get NBC (not anymore since 2000, I think), so I just watched. Did you watch? Amy Poehler is always Hillary Clinton’s gold, but Tina Fey just nailed Sarah Palin. LOL’ Just watch the clip~

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If the video is not loading, you can try opening Tudou directly.