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That’s two recent photoshoots? Is Liv promoting something? I’m totally out of the loop – googles – Oh, I see! Super! With Ellen Page… wow, Ellen Page is on something too? With Kevin Tocino (that’s what my mom calls Bacon all the time). Recently picked by IFC – looks promising already!

Anyway, here’s Liv~ in Black & White

A bigger version over at Fashiontography.

Ooh la la Liv. xD

It feels it’s been ages since I’ve seen you on any movie. Where have you been?

More photos at Fashiontography~~~

I’m all over this. I usually love Diane Warren’s cheese… I mean, she did write I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing — the song most Aerosmith fans hate… but you know, it’s a great song. Especially to sing-not in Karaoke. LOL It’s the feeling. Liv Tyler is losing her dad to the asteroid! Please, cry! xD

I Miss U Missing Me is the first English song by Zhou Bichang… and Diane Warren’s first for an Asian artist (?) Has she written any other songs for anybody not from America or Europe? OMG, please let that be. xD

This one so needs to be the 2nd single.
This one > The Chinese/English version.
一滴淚的距離 (Yi Di Lei de Ju Li) – A Tear in the Distance

This can totally fit into the story between Grace and Alex, Julz~~~
This is so Alex -> Grace xD

Anyway~~~ Look!

BiBi performing I Miss U Missing Me
same presentation, different spot.

She’s a bit off, and the spiky jacket throws you off.
*sighs* I Miss BiBi in BiBi’s chic-geek style.

Sexy Schoolgirls~

August 12, 2009 — 1 Comment

Oh, you love them. I know you do. LOL

It didn’t start with Britney, but I’m gonna pick on her just because I don’t want to search and post common photos of Denise Richards back in her Wild Things days. LOL

Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

There’s an article, by a dude that talks about this… again. Is it misogynistic? Regular fantasy? Wrong, right? Where do you draw the line? Continue Reading…

Just returned from watching The Incredible Hulk! Short review is that I enjoyed it a lot… maybe not as much as I did when watching Iron Man, even though I’m a fan of neither of them. LOL First things first, I did like Ang Lee’s version of The Hulk, and I thought Eric Bana was quite endearing on his Green Bana version. But I guess THAT’s not the point of Hulk, is it? Continue Reading…