Sexy Schoolgirls~

August 12, 2009 — 1 Comment

Oh, you love them. I know you do. LOL

It didn’t start with Britney, but I’m gonna pick on her just because I don’t want to search and post common photos of Denise Richards back in her Wild Things days. LOL

Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

There’s an article, by a dude that talks about this… again. Is it misogynistic? Regular fantasy? Wrong, right? Where do you draw the line? Fifty years ago, there was Lolita~~~

Lolita Book Lolita Film

That spawned the Kubrick film…

Then there’s also that Aerosmith video, Crazy with Steven Tyler’s own Liv (with Alicia Silverstone) doing the schoolgirl thing complete with strip club scene…

Aerosmith - Crazy

It’s not that it’s wrong to fantasize, right? After all, people are all about a healthy sex life nowadays. Let’s not talk porn, or erotica… or lesbian erotica or whatever that author refers to. Let’s just talk about regular common entertainment. It’s the music videos, films… photoshoots~ Liv was 16! 16!!! when Crazy was shot… while Silverstone was 15… WTF.

Anyway, at least they weren’t related to the Disney brand, unlike the Cyrus family who do strip poles at the Teen Choice Awards… having 10-year-olds posing with a pole. Now, THAT’s wrong.
A pedophile’s wet dream splattered all over magazines and television. It’s not about glaring at the 25-year-old with a catholic girl school uniform – you can do whatever you like with her picture
for all I care.

So let’s make it clear. Glaring at 20-something on girl school uniform… whatever your fancy. Glaring at a 13-year-old in a uniform – Hmm… no, I don’t think so. And 10-year olds doing strip poles, WRONG. Why are parents so stupid nowadays? Ugh, they disgust me. Disney’s brand disgust me.

And for your information, mr. writer blogger~ a “lecher who leers at teen girls on a bus” is not the same as a “cougar wearing pigtails and talking in girly voices at a fancy dress party”. Just so you know…

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  1. I love Liv more than myself

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